Spring Cleaning and a New Look


May 2, 2011 by esarsea

Currently featured on THE BS BLOG is a new theme called, “Liquorice” by Nudge Design. I’m thinking we may stay with this one, at least for a while. It’s crisp and clean without being stark, and much easier to read with the larger fonts and youtube screens.

We were due for a change anyway. The black background was getting old…

9 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning and a New Look

  1. torqdog says:

    I love it!!! Much better than some of the others you’ve tried in the past. I like the fonts, the you-tube vid size and the fact that it’s much easier on my aging eyeballs.

    Good find Stu!

  2. Bill says:

    I’m not feeling the love with the fonts, actually. I will pay you good money, sir, if you will consider switching from what appears to be Times Roman or some derivative thereof to perhaps an Arial or Tahoma or Calibri, por favor? Just consider it, please. Otherwise, good work, son! I liked the old one just fine and this one, too.

    I do need to figure out why it’s so damn big on my screen. It totally fills a 20″ flat panel screen. It’s gaint! I can read it across the room without glasses. . .you can see it from space. . .it has it’s own zip code. . .but it’s good work work and very readable. . .I can see it with my eyes closed. . .an 747 thought it was an airport ILS and tried to land in my driveway. . .whoa, it’s beeeeeeg!

  3. Stu says:

    Yes, it is big! Part of what I liked, especially the youtube screen size since we post so many of them. All in all very easy on my aging eyes.

    I’ll take a look in back and see if one can change the default font. What was it you like, Comic Sans? :-)

  4. esarsea says:

    I checked and we can’t actually change our font directly, but we can sign up for a “Typekit” account which somehow networks with WordPress. We select a different font on Typekit, then enter our “Typekit ID” in our dashboard, and that will change our fonts here.

    That’s the only way we can change our font without changing themes.

    I signed up for a free account on Typekit (there are different pricing levels depending on how many fonts you want to use, the number of blogs you want to use them on, and the number of page views you get).

    Unfortunately none of the fonts there have normal names! There are no Arial or Tahoma or Times fonts listed. When time permits I’ll browse what’s available and see what looks closer to the fonts you suggested.

  5. esarsea says:

    Well I’m glad I didn’t sign up for a paid typekit account. After finally finding an ok font and setting it all up I discovered they only support a limited number of themes, and this isn’t one of them. So it is what it is…

  6. Becky says:

    Hey guys! Stopped in to say hi, and found myself in this new format. Hmmm… professional,bright and clean looking. Sort of refreshing for springtime. I did like the black and orange theme of the old one. Sort of reminded me of Harleys and rock music. Change is good though.

    Been very busy. It’s baseball/softball season for the fam, and we’re finally getting some warm weather after a very long winter. I’ll be back to take a better look another day. Happy spring!

    • Stu says:

      Nice to hear from you Becky. Speaking of long winters, the weather man on the local news was just talking about the last time it hit 70 degrees here…November 3rd, over 6 months ago. I’m ready for some sun!

      • torqdog says:

        Is this deja-vu or what?!!! Seems like you had a post about this time last year talkin about the same factor of how long and cold it had been in Seattle.

        Yeah, it has been an unusually cold winter here in Carson as well. In fact, we just woke to another light dusting of snow this a.m. Shorts on Friday, long-johns on Sunday.

        When does spring start anyway? …….. June 21st?!!!

  7. Becky says:

    Well, I’m glad I’m not the only one shivering and awaiting some truly spring-like weather. We love winter. In fact, when we were thinking of moving north, the snowy winters were part of the attraction. We just didn’t think about how loooong they last, and how they wear you thin, year after year. My sister lives in FL, and I’m seriously thinking of joining her when the kids are out of school.

    Hey, I like the biographies. It’s nice to have a little history, and they reflect your personanlities so well.

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