Replacing a Legend


May 4, 2011 by torqdog

As many of you know, I’m a huge fan of the band Dream Theater. Four vituosos and a singer, their musical intensity is unparalleled IMHO. Late last year their drummer and original member of the group decided to call it quits and left the band. Mike Portnoy, a powerhouse and very technical drummer has won 23 awards from Modern Drummer magazine and is the second youngest ever to have been voted into the hall of fame with the first going to Neil Peart of Rush.

Recently I began receiving e-mails from Dream Theater with you-tube links to their auditions to replace Mike. Seven drummers from various backgrounds, all excellent in their own right looking to step into those VERY big shoes Mike had created over the years. These videos are very interesting and entertaining as they give insight as to how a band of this caliber goes about replacing a legend as well as a member of the family.


episode 1;


episode 2;


episode 3 and the reveal;




3 thoughts on “Replacing a Legend

  1. Stu says:

    Great stuff, loved the clips. I started watching the 1st one and got sucked in and had to watch them all. Then again, you’re responsible for turning me into a big DT fan, so I was really interested. Too bad Portnoy burned out, he is a monster drummer.

    Interesting to note the differing tone in reading Portnoy’s quotes regarding his desire to take a break and ultimate decision to do other things, and then listening to the band’s version of the split.

    His replacement sure seems capable, it will be interesting to hear the next record. I liked the same final 3 drummers that the band did. Probably could have chosen any of those 3 and done just fine.

    Odd that the bass player didn’t offer much input, considering it’s the bass and drums that must knit the rhythm together.

    Good stuff – thanks for posting it!

    • torqdog says:

      Those vids are quite captivating and I think anyone who appreciates music whether you like DT or not will be “sucked in”.

      I too liked the three finalists with favor going to Mike and Marco.

      I think there’s allot more to Portnoy leaving the band than is being presented. Yeah, it was obvious that he had lost inspiration over the past few albums and he probably does need a break just to see whether the grass is greener on the other side (it usually isn’t). I expect that sometime down the road there very well may be a reunion but for now, I’m totally stoked at who will be in “the pocket” and look forward to this new album. It’s interesting that this CD is being recorded at the same studio as Train of Thought which is one of my favs.

      As far as John Myung not saying much, he spoke more in this hour long presentation than all his other interviews I’ve seen combined. Maybe that’s how he got labeled the “quiet man”.

  2. torqdog says:

    Here’s a press release regarding their new upcoming album with their new drummer, Mike Mangini.

    (New York, NY): The recent announcement that Mike Mangini would be joining Dream Theater, replacing departed drummer Mike Portnoy caused such fanfare that Mangini was a trending topic on Twitter, second only to England’s Royal Wedding. Now, the band is revealing more information about their upcoming album. The new album is titled A Dramatic Turn of Events. The much-anticipated platter, which marks Mangini’s recorded debut, will be released via Roadrunner Records on September 13th and will be supported by a massive world tour.

    “I’m incredibly psyched with the way this album came out and can’t wait to share it with everybody,” guitarist John Petrucci, who also serves as the producer for A Dramatic Turn of Events, said. “We are currently in the mix stage with the great Andy Wallace and it’s all sounding amazing!”

    Read more here

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