Turn It Up Tuesday!


June 14, 2011 by esarsea

Let’s review some of my preferred tastes in music:

     Electric Blues/Rockin’ Blues?  CHECK.
     3-Piece/Power-Trio Bands?  CHECK.
     Fender Stratocaster Guitars?  CHECK.
     Solid Bass/Drums?  CHECK.
     Strong Female Vocalists?  CHECK.

Australia’s Anni Piper goes 5-for-5 on my list! Here’s a few from her new CD, Chasin’ Tail. Anni’s got a great vibe about her, with vocal phrasings and tone that compare very favorably to my beloved Duffy Bishop. Enjoy, and turn it way, way up!

Ok…one more.

Damn!!! This record rocks!!! Chasin’ Tail (and other Anni Piper releases) are available at CD Universe.

17 thoughts on “Turn It Up Tuesday!

  1. torqdog says:

    Nice! You know me, I just gotta have some visuals with my audios so here’s one I found.

    • Stu says:

      Great clip!

      I prefer live clips when the audio is good too. They tend to truly illustrate an artist’s talent withouh the benefit of overdubs, retakes, post-production and other studio enhancements.

      Sometimes though they can get in the way of really focusing on JUST the music…

      • torqdog says:

        I more and more am gravitating to live videos as it is as close as I’m gonna get to actually ever seeing the performers in action. It’s getting harder and harder for me to just sit and listen to a CD anymore as I think my ADD is blossoming at this late stage in my life. I start getting fidgety if there’s no visuals.

  2. torqdog says:

    I’ve been checkin out more of Anni’s vids and here’s the “official” vid for the tune Dreamcatcher you posted above. She is one hot hottie in more ways than one! :-)

    And here’s another that she posted to you tube called Jailbait. The guitarist plays a tasty slide on this one.

  3. torqdog says:

    WHOA!!! I just found a smokin version of Voodoo Child. The guitar player Sam Buckley is VERY impressive on this cut.

  4. Good stuff. I can see why Stu likes her so much. She’s a bass player, a rock-chick, plays blues-rock, has a deep, ballsy voice and the fact that she has the body of a horse is just even more impressive!

  5. torqdog says:

    I sent an e-mail to Anni inquring as to whether she plans to tour the U.S. anytime soon. I finally received a response today;

    Hi Randy

    Thanks for your interest!
    I’ve entered my band in the Blues Challenge this year so if we win the Sydney competition we will be in Memphis at the finals in February 2012.
    It’s very, very difficult to organise tours in the USA. Unfortunately even though I have a record label behind me I have been unable to find an American agency to book gigs for me. I’d love to come over though, so if you have any contacts, pass them on!
    Anni Piper

    Sounds like she is in her infancy career wise and needs some support.

    • Stu says:

      I dropped a note to Andrew Lanioe at William Morris, who I have communicated with in the past when I was doing the JB Street Team, etc. and sent him a link to your post. I’ll let you know if I hear back from him.

      • torqdog says:

        Good job Stu. I thought about the Street Team you assembled after I posted the reply from Anni and figured you might have a connection or two. My fingers are crossed. I really like this gal. Thanks for the “turn on”.

        • Stu says:

          Just received:

          Hi Stu – great to hear from you. I’ll take a listen asap. Not really working on development stuff at the moment, but happy to check out. Thanks!

          Andrew Lanoie | WME

  6. Stu says:

    I had a couple follow-up email exchanges with Andrew. Nice guy. He is going to check out Anni’s stuff, and asked me if I knew what Anni was doing as far as ticket sales, volume and prices. Of course I did not know, but have emailed Anni about this. No reply yet.

    Andrew did tell me to go ahead and check around with other agencies too. I have emailed Intrepid Artists, who book Walter Trout, Watermellon Slim, Poppa Chubby, Anna Popovic and others. Will let you know if I hear anything back from them.

    • Stu says:

      Just Received:

      Very familiar with Anni. I think she is good. I just have a full house at the moment. Keep me posted when new stuff comes out. Thanks!

      All my best!

      Rick Booth
      Intrepid Artists Int’l, Inc.

      Ok. This is beginning to spark my competitive nature! I’m going to continue searching…

  7. Stu says:

    Sent Anni this link a short time ago:


    Check out their Artist Roster – they are a big agency with some big names.

  8. Stu says:

    Quick update. I’ve exchanged a few emails with Anni and also Rich Piper, her husband and co-producer, tech guy, webmaster and all-around good guy. I’ve sent him a few more booking agency referrals and we’re continuing our search to find Anni an US agency willing to take them on.

    I’ll keep you posted :-)

    • torqdog says:

      Right on! It would be nice to see her succeed and any contacts you can throw her way I’m sure will at least help get the ball rolling.

      Keep us posted.

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