Weiner Pulls Out


June 16, 2011 by esarsea

Sorry, my sophmoric sense of humor couldn’t resist typing that headline.

It’s too bad he blew it. I saw him in somewhat of a favorable light back in August of 2010 with this post. Looks like Weiner has fallen on hard times though. Oops! Sorry again, I just can’t help myself. I guess there will be one less member in the congressional gym. Ok, ok…I’ll stop.

10 thoughts on “Weiner Pulls Out

  1. This is the only joke from this scene that you need to remember:

    “House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, and Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, had called on Weiner to resign, but had also contributed to Vitter’s 2010 re-election campaign.” -Think Progress 6/20/11

    Look at their titles again. What Vitter did was actually against the law.

  2. Stu says:

    For those of us lacking the political savvy needed to follow this (ie: me), can you elaborate?

  3. torqdog says:


    This link was still working this morning, 06/21/2011

    Ahh, the sweet irony! The more that comes out about this guy, the more apparent it becomes of what a piece of work he was. Good riddance!

  4. Sure, Stu, here you go. For a moment there, I thought Randy was going to give you a link to the Vitter scandal, but no-o-o. . .he’s still digging through Weiner’s shorts and Weiner is gone. Vitter, a full Senator, is still there and that is what I believe conservatives should be upset about. He claims to be one of them. He’s the married Louisiana Republican who was caught with prostitutes and busted. He apparently and reportedly had a thing for being “diapered” by his hookers. I mean, JESUS CHRIST! Screwing them is one thing, but playing out your babyhood with a prostitute?

    Okay, whew! where was I? Oh, yeah, here you go, Stu: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Vitter

    Scroll down to “Prostitution Scandals” and then just keep scrolling down the list of unbelievable hypocrisy, lies and Republican national acquiescence of this asshole’s behavior. Then, you’ll start to understand why this dog-piling on a harmless, misguided twerp like Anthony Weiner is so completely partisan and truly disgusting. Weiner fell on his sword, but to have Republicans standing around saying he needs to resign while Vitter is standing next to them dressed like Baby Huey with a lollipop is too much.

    • torqdog says:

      That’s funny…… “digging through Weiner’s shorts” but this thread IS about the Weiner Bill, not Vitter. If Vitter’s repugnant behaviour bugged you so-o-o much, why didn’t you post something at that time rather than come in here now tryimg to deflect from the subject in hand and yes, the “hand” part is a pun. It’s just another example of “yeah, our guy’s bad …… but lookee here, your guy is ten times, NO! Make that 100 times worse so let’s talk about that instead”. And THAT pretty much sums it up, huh?!!! Deflect, change the subject and draw attention away from your guy with a four year old story!

      And the “dog-piling” is something you seem to be quite familiar with as this mess with Vitter is just more of it. Yeah, he’s truly a scumbag but he really has nothing to do with Weiner and THAT is what this thread is all about ……. Weiner, SIR!!! And if you remember what I said on your FB thread in relation to Weiner and I guess would also include Vitter and Ensign and Lee and Spitzer and the Gov from New Jersey and California as well as the countless others who were caught, I really don’t care what someone does in private so long as they don’t cross that narrow line of legal vs. not-so-legal. Let the voters decide. If they wanna keep the scumbags, then it’s pretty much up to them.

      But since you opened the can of worms here by bringing in other examples of irreverant/illegal behaviours and the folks that supported the perps, should I expect to see some mention here from you on a much more recent affair regarding Nancy Pelosi’s support of convicted tax cheat, Charlie Rangel? Nah, probably not. I mean what he did goes far-far beyond tweeting your “package” or dressing up in diapers. C’mon Bill …… be fair, be that independent and do try to stay on topic.

      And yep …… I guess I did take the bait you guys, hook line and sinker! Good job Mr. Craig, good job Mr. Lines! ;-)

      • I’ll be fair and independent and say any of them that either broke the law, as in Vitter’s case, or just raped their constituents’ trust, as in Weiner’s case, need to go. It’s not a matter of “your guy” or “my guy” but “those guys” at some point.

        I know this is about Weiner, but my comments come from the buzz around the country right now that before any Republican ledership called for Weiner’s resignation, WTF on Vitter you guys? I mean, they aren’t even calling for his censure. You know why, Randy? Because if Vitter was forced to resign, it would open his seat up to a real threat of a Democrat win (there’s a strong candidate who could run against Vitter) and Boehner and Cornyn would rather keep a diapered, family-values, conservative, anti-gay Republican freak in the mix than let a Dem win the seat in Louisiana. Vitter’s constituents, like Weiner’s, really didn’t have that big of a problem with it, apparently, only Vitter broke the law. Those folks down in Louisiana said,”Yeah. . .our U S Senator wears a diaper and hires prostitutes and makes them spank him and change his diaper. And yes, we understand that it’s clearly a criminal violation of the law. . .So?”

        Party before country. You should be outraged. These people have become sickened in the toxic wasteland of modern American politics.

        • torqdog says:

          Party before country exists on both sides of the aisle …… always has, always will. It’s commonly called politics Bill and you of all people shouldn’t be surprised. I just find it mighty peculiar that suddenly the “buzz from around the country” as you put it …… more likely the buzz you’re hearing nightly on The Ed Show (remember, I do watch) seemed to suddenly come about right now ……. when the Weiner is on the BBQ. Hell, like I said, four years have elapsed since the Vitter controversy and it’s suddenly being rekindled? Is this what we should come to expect anytime one the heavyweights from the left finds himself in a sexual pickle? Sounds like politics to me and it’s just as disgusting as the original act, IMHO.

  5. Stu says:

    It’s a sad commentary on the times we live in, but I just don’t get too excited about any of these so-called political sex scandals any more. Ever since we had the mouth of a starry-eyed whitehouse intern repeatedly filled with hot loads of presidential jizz, it’s all just background noise.

    There is one differentiating factor for me, and that’s whether or not the other party was a willing participant. Vitter liked to role play with hookers. His fetishes aren’t my thing, but I still have less of a problem with his actions than I so with some guy sending photos of his junk to women who didn’t ask for nor want them.

    Even so, in time this too shall pass. Look at Marv Albert for example. He was back announcing NBA games for NBC less than 2 years after being fired for pleading guilty to assault and battery charges relating to that hotel room incident where, while dressed in womens underware, he lured a woman into his room, bit on her back 15 times, and allegedly sodomized her and forced her to perform oral sex.

    With this in mind, I’d wager that Weiner will eventually return to politics, and that Vitter will be ok too – regardless of my opinion of either of them.

  6. Bill says:

    So, they ‘all’ do it, but its ok if you’re a Republican. Vitter probably would have kept living the lie until Replican leadership spoke out that Weiner should resign. Stu, you may have less of a problem with Vitters apparent appetite for hookers and diapers than Weiners stupid photos, but one was a criminal violation and one wasnt. And Vitter, Mr Anti Gay Conservative, has a history of having his weiner diapered. Freak!

    • esarsea says:

      My friend, I can tell you with 100% absolute certainty and without hesitation that my comments would have been exactly the same had Weiner been a Republican and Vitter a Democrat.

      I agree that Vitter is a freak, but I’m not really troubled by the whole, “Prostitution is illegal” thing. Maybe I should be, but I’m not. As I indicated above (and as short-sighted as it may appear) the hooker was a willing participant.

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