Turn It Up Tuesday!


July 12, 2011 by esarsea

I have wanted to feature Duffy Bishop on Turn It Up Tuesday! for quite some time now, but youtube has been woefully lacking in Duffy videos. There are several amateur live videos out there, but very few (if any) of them do her any justice.

Below are a couple studio cuts; one from her Bottled Oddities album, and one from Back To The Bone.  I think I’ve got everything Duffy has ever released, and those two are probably my favorite Duffy Bishop CDs (other than The Queen’s Own Bootleg which was recorded live at the Key Largo in Portland, Oregon).

Also featured below is an older video of Duffy performing live at Parker’s Ballroom in Shoreline, Washington – just North of Seattle. Great old venue that went on to become The Aquarius Tavern in 1970. Saw some great shows there back in the day. Now it’s a sports bar and casino. Too bad, the Aquarius rocked.

Enjoy, and TURN IT UP!

For further listening, Duffy has  several songs available on her website here.

4 thoughts on “Turn It Up Tuesday!

  1. Joanie says:

    I’ll have to send you a couple photos I took of her at the festival. I LOVE Duffy!

    • esarsea says:

      Yes, aside from having a great voice and being a great entertainer, she’s very approachable and welcoming. I’ve visited with her a few times before/after shows and exchanged a few emails with her and Chris over the years. She even gave me permission to give away burned copies of her “The Queens Own Bootleg” several years ago. They were prizes for some sort of contest we held on the old JB Fan website. I can’t even remember what the contest was now…

      • billie789 says:

        Something about a crappy, student-level guitar and a letter-writing campaign to Rolling Stone where no one in JB’s management actually read any of the letters and JB ended up giving the guitar to a chick named Melissa at the last minute for some reason.

        Yeah, it was that bad.

        • esarsea says:

          I’m pretty sure that was a different deal, not a contest the fan website sponsored (although the fan website did push the whole Rolling Stone thing at one time as well). That letter contest featuring a guitar giveaway was sponsored by admin and ran through JB’s forum if I recall correctly. I’m sure the fan website ran a feature about it and/or helped promote it though.

          I’m also pretty sure I gave away those Duffy CDs as part of a caption contest – and everyone who participated received one. I’m almost positive the Duffy CDs were not associated with that disaster.

          I do recall contacting JB’s management and expressing concern that some of the fanbase at the time were feeling alienated by their lack of follow-through on that letter writing contest…and then you’re right, all of a sudden they gave the guitar to Melissa. I also remember posting her winning letter on the fan website and that sparked a whole new level of disenchantment :-)

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