Fun With Animoto!


October 12, 2011 by esarsea

I recently learned of a great website and service called Animoto.

It’s a website where you can create videos for your website or blog, Youtube, advertising or just for fun and personal enjoyment. For example, you could create a photo montage of family members and send it to relatives, or combine photographs from special events and give the video as a gift, etc. Fun stuff!

It’s very easy to use, and the best part of all is that you create 30 second videos for free! If you want to create longer videos you can upgrade to $5 per month (or save 50% and get a year for $30), but that’s optional.

You can incorporate music into your videos by using your own music, or choose from a large selection of music they have available on their website. 

Here’s an example of a video I created for a one of my websites, that’s now uploaded to Youtube:

I literally created this entire video and posted it to Youtube in about 15 minutes.

Click here to visit Animoto and get your free account!


One thought on “Fun With Animoto!

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