Qaddafi Dead, Fox News Pro-Obama


October 20, 2011 by esarsea

Not sure which is bigger news – the fact that Moammar Qaddafi (or Gaddafi or however the hell you spell it) is dead, or that has ran with a decidedly Pro-Obama Op-Ed piece.

What’s next? MSNBC waxing poetic about the Bush administration?

Wailing and gnashing of teeth?

9 thoughts on “Qaddafi Dead, Fox News Pro-Obama

  1. torqdog says:

    “Fair and Balanced” strikes again :-o

    Oh Billie, where art thou Billie? Stu’s tryin to stir the pot here.

  2. esarsea says:

    Nah, I’m not really trying to stir up anything – just found it amusing!

    I pretty much lost any faith I might have had in Fox News anyway after that video piece about the investigative reporters and Monsanto.

    • torqdog says:

      Stu, I know you are really interested in the monsanto b.s. and what Fox did WAS reprehensible. But going back and looking at ALL the faux-pas that have been committed by ALL networks, it becomes plain as day that in this business, mistakes and the intentional propagation of mis-truths are done by ALL! CBS and the trumped up story of Bush’s military service that came out literally days before the election is just one example and as it turns out, it was a blatant attempt to sway the election and heads did roll once it was proven that the story was total B.S. There was another story about some S.U.V. (name escapes me) that was shown to roll much easier than any of the other brands. Again, it was eventually proven false. You’ve got MSNBC constantly taking things out of context just to further their points and there are many other examples of blatant false propaganda by ALL in the media.

      Bottom line is…… they ALL do it. Your beef with FOX is your thing but it seems strange that you single them out exclusively when again, THEY ALL DO IT!!!

      • esarsea says:

        True enouigh, but that wasn’t the point of my follow-up comment. It’s like the guy who gets pulled over for speeding and the offending driver tells the cop, “Didn’t you see the other cars next to me that were going just as fast as I was?” – to which the cop replies, “Yes I did, but I pulled YOU over…” Similarly, I wasn’t talking about CBS or MSNBC or I might have forwarded those obsertavions instead. I was talking about FOX.

        My original post was really nothing more than a tongue-in-cheek observation about the irony of a traditionally conservative news organization publishing a pro-Obama Op-Ed piece, and I was completely lacking ANY agenda.

        Sorry if my follow-up comment raised your blood pressure a few points :-)

        • torqdog says:

          Nah, it takes a heck of allot more than that to get me riled up anymore these days. I guess my post was more of a query response to the last sentence of your previous post. For me, it just doesn’t make much sense given the confines of the argument I posted above. But in reality, it’s really none of my business anyway what you do or don’t watch and “frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!” (j/k) LOL :-)

  3. Jane says:

    OCCUPY THE BS BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. torqdog says:

    Getting back to the original premise of this thread, I think we’ll know in due time just exactly how his name was spelled when they set his headstone, tomb or whatever they do over there.

  5. billie789 says:

    They’ve “all” made mistakes, sure enough. It’s just that one of them fucks up in ways that point to a partisan bias on a fairly consistent basis. I never saw Dan Rather come out and sit on a couch and act like he just couldn’t understand a major news story. I never saw Tom Brokaw indicate that Ronald Reagan wasn’t born here or announce that he was attending a lefty protest somewhere and he’s mc-ing. I’m not going to attack Fox. That’s too easy these days. Roger Ailes even admitted recently that it’s a Republican-partisan organization, get over it. Again, I doubt anyone was surpirsed by that admission.

    I think at some point in this particular media circus of the past three years, even Fox News producers and managers know they can’t keep up just blindly attacking the president day in, day out, and keep ignoring the outrageous representation Republicans have in the coming election. I mean the real story isn’t Obama’s yet-to-be-engaged policies, it’s that you have a group of Republican candidates who have no helpful ideas on fixing the country and all they can do now is rattle on and on about what a bad guy Obama is and how he’s “destroying” American and a bunch of other silly bullshit. If they were on stage at the Apollo, they would have been pulled off with a big, wooden hook by now. None of them have a damn thing to present.

    Cain is running on fumes. He’s on a book tour making money and saying whatever fancies his brain because he’s never going to be the candidate and he knows that for every idiotic idea he has, it’ll raise his poll peter-meter for a few days and then he has to say something stupid again.

    And they aren’t going to bury Ghadaffy, no, wait, I meant Quadaffi. . .or Khadaffy…or Kadoofy…anywhere anyone can find him. They don’t want him martyred and his grave turned into a shrine, same thing with Osama-one in the chest, one in the head and he sleeps with the fishes. And don’t get me started on who’s actually keeping us safe and who’s attacking him while he’s doing it. Can’t we just shoot them, too? “Uh, Mr. Hannity, someone just called and told the staff to leave the building. . .something about a Mr. Drone on his way here to visit you?”

    Then, after Hannity’s fleet of black Suburbans are blasted off the highway, we could drag him out of a roadside culvert, bleeding and begging the crew from PBS not to kill him, or god forbid, water board him. That would be good tv, as they say.

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