UFO’s Classic Album ‘Phenomenon’ Remastered! YES!!!


October 21, 2011 by esarsea

I was surfing youtube looking for some decent UFO clips when I found the following videos. I was absolutely STOKED to learn that their 1974 album Phenomenon has been digitally remastered!

It could be that the remastered version has been around for a while, but was news to me. Very good news.

Phenomenon has always been one of my favorite recordings, but I always wished it had been produced and/or engineered better. While the album absolutely rocks – and rocks hard – it always sounded thin and compressed to me. Tragically so, given the quality of the songs.

The remastered version of this absolute CLASSIC brings it back to life!

Check out the following clips, and then go grab yourself a copy. I’d recommend ordering the remastered CD and not downloading it from iTunes. It’s worth the higher sonic quality to spend a couple more bucks and wait for it in the mail…besides, you can always download the CD to your iPod anyway.

I know it’s not Tuesday, but enjoy, and TURN IT UP!

7 thoughts on “UFO’s Classic Album ‘Phenomenon’ Remastered! YES!!!

  1. billie789 says:

    Thanks for bringing UFO up, Stu. About 1973 or 74, I was hanging out, squandering my youth and playing in a beer bar band. The big hitters at the time were (still) Hendrix, Page, Blackmoore, Beck off in the shadows, Peter Frampton, etc. The Stone Age of classic rock, as it were. I watched a Kirshner concert one night with some like-minded hippie buddies and heard Michael Schenker for the first time and it was WOW! Here’s this German guitar player hitting all these delicious blues-rock licks with ease with a Flying V and tone I knew he had to work on for a while. Great sound.

    Is it me or does anyone else have a challenge with bands like UFO or The Scorpions, or a newer trend seems to be heavy metal from Scandanavia. For me, it’s always been about authenticity over style and mimicry. There’s nothing in the Scandanavian experience that speaks to me, nothing. Or German. Or French. Some British Blues does that, too. Hard to “feel” the sorrow and hurt and desperation of the blues when it’s played by an upper-middle class British economics major who played club soccer and was quite good, apparently, before forming, say, The Rolling Stones.

    • torqdog says:

      Yeah, I never really got into the UFO vibe but I sure played the hell out of the Scorpion’s first two offerings. “Virgin Killers” actually had to be replaced……. TWICE!

  2. billie789 says:

    I don’t know why, really, but I used to get so turned off when I heard a foreign language or heavy accent on a tune that sounded like it came out of Detroit or the Delta. I know we “invented” blues, jazz, country and rock and music is the intergalactic language of love and peace, but when the Scorpion singer’s accent comes through on the speaking portion of ‘Gorky Park,’ for example, it feels odd and detached. It’s like watching Cirque de Soleil instead of Barnum & Bailey. Cirque is a bit dark, but hugely entertaining and B & B , hell, that’s about peanuts and clowns and elephants and laughter. They’re both circuses of sorts, but the feel and tone are different.

    “Goot evning, Loddies and Gentlemens. . .are you a-reddy-to-awrok? I sedz, are you reddy to wrokked, hey??? Ok, ok,ok,ok,ok,ok,ok,ok,ok, … . .now-a, Loddies and Gentlemens, get reddy to-a wrok and wroll-a wid da Blooooce master, Joe Bonamassa! Der Vicken zee freakazoiden axen whacker! uh-Joe Bonamassa! Danke danke danke!”

    Yeah, like that. Annoying to the max.

  3. esarsea says:

    I’m somewhat on the other side of the fence. In particular, with the Scorp’s “Winds of Change.” I find it even more compelling to hear a German accent singing about the positive changes in the political scene after the cold war, given their country’s history, role in WWII, etc.

    In speaking with (well, exchanging emails with) a number of German music fans that I have met over the years through the JB Street Team and/or since then through the forum, I sense a visceral anti-war sentiment among the people there. Not surprising one would guess.

    I hear what you’re saying to a point, and I understand it’s all a matter of opinion and personal taste. There is a certain lack of warmth that accompanies the tight precision of a somewhat mechanized hard rock band. Maybe it’s just German engineering!

    I love driving my wife’s Bimmer for those same characteristics. It lacks the warmth of that typical sloppy-softness of American cars, and it doesn’t have that V-8 rumble…but it’s tight, precise feel is like nothing else I have experienced. It’s plenty fast and It begs to be driven hard, just like the Scorpions beg to be turned up.

    • Bill says:

      I know that feeling! My wife’s 2004 Chrysler Crossfire was built by Mercedes-Daimler Benz that year and there is a certain cold, calculated efficiency to it. The way it drives, shifts, handles, looks and you are correct, sir, in that my 17 year-old V-8 Grand Cherokee just feels at home in comparison. It’s like the difference between a ballet slipper and an old bedroom slipper. Or a tube amp from the 50’s and a new digital version. But it is a blast to drive! Hit the freeway on ramp, floor it up to speed, the air spolier comes up automatically at 60 mph and you’re cruising.

  4. Jane says:

    interesting coinkydink, my husband was schooling me in some old school UFO this past weekend. I started browsing youtube and found i like the newer stuff as well.
    thanks for the choice picks here i will check them out.

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