‘Owning Regret’ by Eric Czar


November 25, 2011 by esarsea

Eric Czar’s latest youtube video, Owning Regret has become one of my favorite pieces of work by him.

I gave this a couple listens the other day when I first received the youtube subscription notice of Eric’s new upload, and then again a few more times this morning.

It’s a complicated piece in my opinion, and I was not sure how I felt about it after the first couple listenings. I was initially torn by the dissonant tones that are created by whatever effect Eric is using. It almost reminded me of a mix of flanger (?) and/or some sort of sweeping filters similar to those old “Bassballs” effect boxes I had back in the 80s. At first blush it didn’t seem to fit…the effect seemed to detract from the piece.

But then revisited, the discordant aspects actually enhance the melodic parts. It creates tension-and-release, and is quite effective in creating a  sense of mixed emotions.  A feeling of mellowness that is underscored with stress; a sense of, “Just as I start to find peace of mind, the demons creep back in” type of emotion.

Then I caught the title again…Owning Regret and the true brilliance of the piece hit me. The types of emotion this piece evoked in me were exactly those one might experience when coming to terms with regret; when owning regret.  

This is an ambient piece (see wiki, Ambient Music)  and needs to be viewed as such. It’s tremendously effective and emotive. I’ve come to the opinion that the thing that I initially disliked about this piece is actually what makes it work.

2 thoughts on “‘Owning Regret’ by Eric Czar

  1. Jan says:

    Absolutely lovey. The dissonance doesn’t bother me a bit; even Bach used to slip it in here and there, it really brings home the resolution of the phrase. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go look up more of this guy…

  2. Da Goddess says:

    Eric simply exists on a whole different level of BEING.

    Jan, a lot of the early Bonamassa stuff I gave you has Eric on there, but he doesn’t play like this. THIS IS THE BRILLIANT STUFF!

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