Why I’m done with it all!


February 18, 2012 by torqdog

I just found this video. It expresses in a nutshell why I’m fed-up with the crapfest that’s politics U.S.A. Watch and see if you agree.

BTW; he touches on points made by both Bill and Stu in recent posts.


3 thoughts on “Why I’m done with it all!

  1. esarsea says:

    All so very true….well done commentary!

  2. bigjeffjones says:

    I am always stunned when somebody says in public, the things I’ve been telling anyone who’ll listen, for the last 20 years. From the phony left (limousine liberals to entitled youth) to the hypocritical right (neither christian nor conservative) it’s a lie.

  3. billie789 says:

    I saw Politano on Imus a few weeks ago. Yes, I watch Fox Business in the morning, but only for Imus and some of his lefty guests that he really likes, like Delbert McClinton, Kinky Friedman, Mike Taibbi or, like this morning, a laugh fest with Bob Beckel. And Politano actually made sensible statement after sensible statement until I wondered if I was still watching Fox or if he was on a network news show trying to seem normal, the way O’Reilly does when they invite him on the Today Show. This guy spent months sitting with Glenn Beck dreaming up the next apocalypse in the early Obama Admin years. He seems to have caught up with his senses.

    And every “what if” he asks in this clip is true, already. Not “what if” but “when” the things he wonders about, rhetorically, happened. The parties are the same at their core, in my opinion, and the fringies on both sides have way, way too much influence on party platforms. Look at the Repubs this year, flavored with tea:They can’t get their own stuff through, Boehner has to run interference to do damage control in an election year. I noticed that Cantor and Rand Paul and even Sarah from Wasilla have been unusually quiet recently with the Repub candidates weekly blood bath. Bachmann disappeared as the leader of Congressional TP Caucus after she suspended her campaign.

    The two parties, at their core, are more alike than apart. Most older, sensible Republicans and Democrats talk fondly about the era when a Dem leader of Congress would have drinks and dinner with the opposition at Ebbett’s Grill or some other Beltway watering hole and work out the differences without going to a podium and attacking on tv and internet, then trying to negotiate, post-public attack.

    I have never seen the level of anger and pure hatred of opposing thoughts, attitudes and accusations of wrong doing. And that’s just the back and forth of this week’s Republican presidential candidates. I mean, seriously, people! Rick Santorum might beat Romney? What, was the custodian at RNC not available to run? They really don’t like their front-runner.

    But it’s like the weather in Utah. Don’t like it? Wait 10 minutes and it will change.

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