Turn It Up Tuesday!


February 27, 2012 by esarsea

Hammond B3 Organs and Leslie Speakers – gotta love ’em.

In the first video below, this was recorded with nothing but a Sony T-Series digital camera with no external microphone…

Next we have a little blues improv…

And lastly, Jon Lord – the man responsible for my love of the sound and tone of the Hammond B3 and Leslies…

Enjoy, and Turn It Up!


6 thoughts on “Turn It Up Tuesday!

  1. torqdog says:

    Nice! I’ve always loved the B-3 sound…….. nothing digital even comes close……..but hey, you forgot one…….. Lee Michaels. In his short lived carreer, he was a monster on the B-3 and was pretty much deaf and done before he hit 30. The only power duo I’ve ever seen and heard, he and drummer Frosty would fill an auditorium with wonderful, soulful sound that, as far as I know has never to this day been replicated in any way.

  2. esarsea says:

    That is a nice one! I overlooked a lot of players actually. The 1st two vids were just random finds on youtube that I grabbed to preceed Jon Lord’s piece.

    Is that the same Lee Michaels who did, “Do you know what I mean?” back in the 70’s? The vocals sound kind of similar. If so, I didn’t know he was a keyboard player, thought he just a singer.

    • torqdog says:

      Yeah, same guy and that one “hit” wasn’t at all what the “real” Lee Michaels was all about. He could get about as soulful on the organ as anyone I’ve ever seen……. maybe even more so. Real loud too. His self titled album from 1969 was too fricken awesome……… nothin else like it and it got mucho much rotation time on the old record player. When I went and saw him at the Fillmore, when the show was over my ears rang for days.

  3. Bill says:

    Lee Michaels, yeah, baby! Wasn’t he the Spooky Tooth dude? Three Dog Night used one, Blind Faith, many from the 70’s used a B-3 with Leslie cabinet.

  4. esarsea says:

    I don’t know about Lee Michaels, but I know one of the Spooky Tooth guys went to Foreigner, and Gary Wright went on to be popular in the 70’s as a solo artist…

  5. Bill says:

    Oh, yeah, that’s not him. He played with a drummer named Frosty who had been in the Sweathogs, that was the name, not Spooky Tooth. So many names from the 70’s just blend together sometimes, like a hallucination. . .

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