March 5, 2012 by esarsea


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  1. torqdog says:

    Reading through the comments I couldn’t help but notice how many muslims go by the name Anonymous. I wonder why that is?

  2. esarsea says:

    That wasn’t lost on me either…

  3. Bill says:

    You should read the comments section on the weekly alternative paper’s web site here! About one of out 4 are ‘anonymous.’

    Now, I had heard of and listened to Badu at one time or another, no biggy. The story didn’t elaborate on what it was about her tatoos that inflamed Muslims, but I don’t worry about that, either.

    Muslims are hard to like or even accept because their actions seem to be in constant conflict with the words coming out of their mouths. And it’s a common problem for the decent members of the faith to overcome.

    Bill Maher’s ‘Religulous’ looked into Islam’s two-faced approach to life and tore it wide open by simply asking good, respectful questions of several Muslim activists about the obvious chasm between considering yourself a ‘peaceful religion’ that just wants to get along with everyone else, even those who are not Muslim. . .and what we see in the news every day.

    Because, you know, Muslims are so-o-o-o misunderstood. It’s a ‘peaceful religion,’ and that’s why when the military burned copies of the Quran that were seized as prison contraband, Afghanistan went literally insane for weeks, causing the deaths of a handful of American soldiers and officers and lots and lots of. . .Muslims. So we know they are capable of putting a book’s value over human beings.

    We will never get along with a culture based on 11th Century sensilbilites and values. Women are treated worse than cattle and in our allied Saudi Arabia, a so-called modern Muslim country, women can’t drive a car, hold a job or be seen alone in public. Not just eschewed but charged criminally and dealt with harshly through Sharia Law. These people still stone victims to death for adultry and other civil matters.

    And these aren’t just a ‘few radicals’ as the Muslim PR machine would have you believe, but entire countries.

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