Remembering Rock’s ‘Lonely Soul’ Brad Delp


March 9, 2012 by esarsea

Brad Delp, multi-instrumentalist and lead vocalist for the 70’s and 80’s rock Band Boston took his own life on this day in 2007, with a note clipped to his shirt that read, “I am a lonely soul.” From what I’ve read online, there are those who believe Brad may have suffered from undiagnosed bipolar disorder (aka manic depression).

According to Wiki, Boston’s self-titled 1976 debut album has sold over 17 million copies (17x Platinum) – making it the second-highest selling debut album in US history. Only Guns and Roses’ 1987 debut Appetite for Destruction sold more copies, currently at 18x Platinum.

As much as Boston’s debut album was a monster record for sales and popularity, I’d thought I’d share a couple of lesser known (but excellent) cuts from their 1986 release, Third Stage, along with a fan tribute video I found on Youtube.  Enjoy…




So many people
have come and gone,
their faces fade
as the years go by.
Yet still I recall
as I wander on,
As clear as the sun
in the Summer sky…

–from ‘More than a feeling’

9 thoughts on “Remembering Rock’s ‘Lonely Soul’ Brad Delp

  1. Bill says:

    Suicide is one of those things that you can’t really apply a behavior template to because there are so many reasons people unplug from life.

    My next door neighbor’s son, about 20 years old, killed himself last year. When I heard, I went next door and asked Curtis if there was anything I could do and to tell him how sorry I was. Curtis was rather composed about it and that was really surprising. He had gotten divorced a couple of years prior and his sons would come by occasionally and visit. I bumped into this kid walking from the garage to the door one night and he was pleasant enough, nodded his head and said,”hello.”I asked Curt what happened and he said the kid has been battling depression for years (god, it just killed me to hear a 20 year kid had been in that condition ‘for years’) and had called Curt the week before and said,”I’m sick of it! I’m not doing this any more, Dad. I’m going to check out.”

    And he did. I cannot imagine being on the receiving end of that phone call from Hell. The act of just hanging up the phone after they said goodbye must have been the hardest thing Curt has ever had to do. I’m choking up just re-telling this story, dammit!

    Two guys from The Band killed themselves, as did two members of Badfinger. When BF’s Peter Hamm killed himself, he left a note that said,” “I will not be allowed to love and trust everybody. This is better.”

    I think by the time someone decides they want to die, they are so hurt or so confused or just mentally ill, there’s no easy explanation to be had.

  2. esarsea says:

    I’ve lost two close freinds to suicide, and it’s very hard to deal with. Interesting to note that I worked with both of them on a fire department medic unit back in the day…although from all indications their decisions to opt out were not a direct result of job-related stresses. I do however feel that there is a disproportinate percentage of people who are succeptible to suicide that are drawn to the emergency services field. The work is so focused on being of service to others, often in stressful and/or high-adrenaline situations, that one tends to spend their quiet time focused outwardly. When the quiet does finally settle in, it can be a very lonely and isolated place.

    That may be part of the dynamic at work with musical performers as well, both with substance abuse and suicide.

    It remains a permanent solution to a temporary problem. It’s been 20+ years and I’m still both angry at, and sad for my good friends gone.

  3. In the interest of accuracy, please note that Wikipedia is not always correct and for the album BOSTON, the iconic song, “More Than A Feeling” quoted above was written by BOSTON’s chief songwriter, producer, musician and engineer Tom Scholz. Brad Delp’s writing credits on the first album are “Let Me Take You Home Tonight” and co-writer, “Smokin’ ”

    For the authorized information, please visit
    For Fan News and Fun visit

    Thanks for your support.

    • Horrible says:

      Really? Boston PR butts into a post trying to come to terms with Brad Delp’s suicide to correct facts around songwriting credits? Really?

      • esarsea says:

        THANK YOU for posting this! I was going to write something very similar and then got sidetracked and forgot. I couldn’t agree more. PERFECT.

  4. Bill says:

    Cool! I bought one of Sholz’first guitar effects-gizmos bck in the 70’s. A unique band and unique sound they created back then.

  5. Becky says:

    RIP Brad Delp, a bit late I’m sorry. Don’t recall ever hearing about him leaving us, though our radio stations play a lot of Boston, and I grew up listening to them. Just not a band I really got into, but I’ll toast to him next time I hear a song.

    Just stopped back in to say hello, after disappearing for another year. I’m in that stage of life of driving the kids everywhere and working full time. I barely stay awake past 9pm. My son started driving this year though. Yay! (I think) I don’t know what inspired me to come here today–maybe springtime–and trying to win a trip to Van Halen in Vegas. That may be another topic on here somewhere. I’m sure I’ve much to catch up on!

  6. Becky says:

    Hey, thanks. Didn’t know where to jump in, but this topic drew me in. I think about you guys now and then when I hear about happenings in your states. Hope all’s well. I entered to win a weekend in Vegas and a VH concert. They were my first rock concert at age 14, so it would be cool to see them 30 yrs. later, along with a bunch of middle-aged head bangers. Figured there might be a discussion about their return somewhere on here, but I haven’t found one. I’ll try to listen to Eric Czar when I get some time and catch up on his life.

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