Another Stunning Composition and Performance by Eric Czar


March 22, 2012 by esarsea

This one consistently turns me into a mouth-breather. Extremely captivating. I find myself at a loss to write anything that really does this piece justice. It’s like a hybrid mix of ambient music (which Eric does so well) and a more traditional instrumental piece.

Well, I guess there’s nothing really “traditional” about music composed for and performed on 7-string basses. See, I told you I was at a loss for words. I’m not even making sense this morning.

Maybe one of you can give it a try in the comments section. Be sure to watch it all the way through – it’s a true work of art.

5 thoughts on “Another Stunning Composition and Performance by Eric Czar

  1. What can you say by WOW!

    Eric IS THE MAN!

  2. torqdog says:

    Awesome doesn’t even begin to describe. Whadda masterpiece. If this desn’t evoke some kind of emotion in ya, I suspect you might already be dead!

    I’m still looking forward to the day when Eric puts all these wonderful compositions together with an ensemble.

  3. Becky says:

    I like it. Very calming. Could play it for naptime at my preschool, maybe with the sound of raindrops in the background. The video is cool too.

    • esarsea says:

      It is calming, but at the same time I sense an undercurrent of darkness, which is common in a lot of Eric’s pieces. There are times I wonder if that might just be a trait of solo bass work (due to the low notes) and/or that mournful tonal quality of fretless basses…but at other times I swear I can perceive a certain undefined heaviness/anger/angst that hides behind (and/or plays off) the otherwise “pretty” or playful stuff. I am probably over-analyzing…trying to sound like some astsy-fartsy arts critic. All I know is that I really like it.

  4. Becky says:

    Yeah, I hear that. A sort of sadness, which a lot of my naptime music has too — The nature sounds and minor keys.

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