I saw Joe Bonamassa Friday Night……….


April 22, 2012 by torqdog

……. and was blown away! First time since 2006 when ticket prices were pretty much a bar tab, prices for this gig cost us $200.00 for both Viv & I and it was worth every penny. The set list pretty much followed what he is seen playing on his most recent blu-ray, “Live from Beacon Theater” (another ho-hummer, IMHO) with a few welcome journeys into some of the older stuff. One real treat of the evening was when he suddenly went into Blues Deluxe and just ripped it! Another real treat was when he and Carmine Rojas would get together and play some real firey improv stuff that reminded me allot of the Cream tune “Spoonful” off the Wheels of Fire “Live at the Fillmore” disc. Oh, did I mention that Carmine was on fire too?

I know we’ve all bemoaned the fact that Joe is no longer playing with the youthful inspiration and intensity found on his Ft. Wayne DVD but I will dare to say that the way he was playing here in Reno was as good if not better as he was REALLY playing from the heart. Countless standing ovations and there were a couple of times when the crowd was actually yelling and screaming during his performance, something not seen since his “Heartaches were Nickles” rendition from that forementioned Ft. Wayne DVD.

Joe is BACK!!!!…….. big time and if you have a chance to check him out on this tour, I think you too will be pleasantly shocked and surprised.

12 thoughts on “I saw Joe Bonamassa Friday Night……….

  1. Becky says:

    $200?! Yikes. When did he get so big? I haven’t been following him since…probably about 2006 either, when I went back to work and just couldn’t find the time, plus there were too many other bands I wanted to see with my limited budget. Glad you had a good time and thanks for the post. Maybe we’ll check him out again sometime when he’s in the neighborhood, if the price comes a little cheaper :)

    • torqdog says:

      Yeah……. those prices were a little………. PRICEY! We did have excellent seats, 8th row/center stage. The actual price per ticket was 79.00 but by the time ticketmaster gets their cut, I think they were about 92.00.

      Again, it was like the old days and it’s unfortunate that the inspired intensity witnessed Friday Night doesn’t seem to translate well to his latest video offerings. Maybe he was having a good night and turned it up a notch or two here in Reno. I don’t know but I do know that I haven’t felt this way about Joe’s playing since the power trio days with Eric and Kenny.

  2. I phoned up Torqdog yesterday, to get a report, and he was still out of breath. OK, could have been the late nite he had Friday at the show. Anyway, 8th row center is probably as good as it gets to experience the Band.

    No more opening for BB King, Frampton, KWS and others. The JBB is an entire evening to travel thru 13 Albums, instead of the one or two Albums to draw from when I first was blown away by the Power Trio.

    I remember well commenting to others, that we better enjoy the hell out of the free and sometimes up to $15 tickets, cause he will be hitting it Big very soon, and ticket prices will neccessarity skyrocket. Success could not happen to a better person than Joe.

    I am glad that he is still in touch with his Roots, and knows that without the grounding & encouragement from Mr. B and Mrs. B, he would not be where he is today.

    Joe shows the value in having Street Teamers world-wide spreading the word.
    Traveling over the pond early in his career has certainly paid off, in spite of those of us in the States opposition to less dates in the US.

    They are traveling to South America for petes sake!

    It is tough to predict the next Milestone for the Band. He always keeps us guessing!

    Cheers Joe!

  3. Bill says:

    Well, I certainly contributed to his Sunday show in Salt Lake City on the 22nd. It was a sold-out symphony hall show, but being friends with people in the right places got me two tix a while back and I gifted them to our business manager who’s just discovered blues-rock and has fallen in love at the tender age of about 60.

    Then, in a repeat offer, my contacts offered me 4 more tickets two days before the show and I gave those away to a musician buddy and his group who have his cd’s (courtsey of yours truly) but haven’t seen the live version. I think my musician friend saw Joe at the NAMM convention a while back as my buddy sells wholesale audio equipment.

    And the response is funny, really. The business manager, a newbie to JB, was totally blown away and couldn’t get over Joe’s live show power and dynamics. The musician friend who sells wholesale audio equipment was much more reserved and said,”Wow, he sure has all ‘those’ licks down from people who have gone before him!” and was very praiseful of JB’s guitar and amp tone, tone, tone, as he said, like a realtor saying,”location, location, location.” The audience was older, of course. No youngsters. And musician friend said,”You know, in that environment with that age group, he taps right into that lasting memory we all have of those sounds. I could close my eyes during this show and think of Cream at Winterland way back.”

    It was a good show by all accounts. The business manager pisses me off, though. She’s just gotten divorced recently and she ran off to see Tommy Castro in Park City last month, then Chris Duarte at a little roadside diner up the canyon, JB on Sunday and Jimmy Thackery last night at the same tiny roadside diner.

    I gotta get out more! I’m getting tired of her walking in the office in the morning and asking me,”Where were YOU last night?” and then telling about some magical musical blues-rock evening she had the night previous.

  4. leena kutti says:

    you were a fool to give away your tickets, SLC was great, get over the old trio and Ft Wayne, I’ve seen him 6 times and there is never a dull moment, he is always passionate, I heard the sound in Reno convention center sucked, symphony hall was better, you say joe is back, I say he never went away, life isn’t static ,joe doesn’t live in the past like you!

    • torqdog says:

      Actually, it was the Reno Events Center and you are correct……..the sound wasn’t good at all. Kinda hard to get a good sound out of a hall made out of a concrete floor and cinder block siding. But at least we were close enough that the sound bouncing off everything didn’t affect us as much.

      Speaking of sound, I understand the the Symphony hall he played at up in SLC is one of the best.

    • Bill says:

      I gave tickets to people I knew would enjoy the show. If that makes me a ‘fool,’ that’s ok.

      I don’t have any misgivings about turning on strangers to JB’s music, I’ve continued doing it for years on my own, CD’s, tickets, links to cable tv specials like the Guitar Center shows he’s on, etc.

      What you have reminded me of is that getting to JB’s essence, musically, often requires running a gauntlet of mouthbreathing fans who believe that critical thought can only be rewarded with certain death. It’s like really wanting some fresh ‘corn,’ but you have to get through the dead outer husk and toss it in the trash with your opinion of me.

      • Bill says:

        This is a reply to the insult, torgdog. I tried to directly reply, but for some mysterious reason, it keeps posting under your last comment.

        • torqdog says:

          Yeah, I know……..thew internet has been messin with me today as well. Must be a residual result of that washing machine sized meteor that crashed into the atmosphere overhead of us here in western Nevada Sunday morning. Biggest sonic boom I’ve heard in decades.

          • Bill says:

            I thought of you when I read that story. But what I thought was,”I wonder if Randy has a metal detector and knows where there’s a meteorite field in central Nevada? ” Those guys on cable tv claim they can sell those golf ball-sized meteorites for a couple thousand dollars each!

          • torqdog says:

            Yeah, Meterorite Men! Viv mentioned that they think it might have gone down somewhere in the Sierraa north of here. I told her that we should go lookin cuz if we found a football sized chunk, we could retire tomorrow.
            BTW; I do have a metal detector so who knows what I might find myself doin the next few weeks. LOL

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