Hard Core: One on One with the Master and his Tools


May 4, 2012 by billie789

A little entertainment for Friday morning. I liken this to Michaelangelo talking about his chisels and hammers and paint brushes. Very intimate and a very rare moment.



4 thoughts on “Hard Core: One on One with the Master and his Tools

  1. esarsea says:

    Very cool, thanks for posting this. I enjoyed!

  2. torqdog says:

    I saw this a while back. It’s one of the “extras” on the Rock ‘n Roll Party Blu. I immediately thought to myself…….”WOW! I bet Bill would get a kick out of this” and then completely forgot about it with the insertion into the player of another concert blu we watched that night. Glad you found it and yeah, a VERY impressive collection and you can see Jeff’s love for each one as though it’s a member of the family and these are all his children.

    It’s also interesting to note that when you see Jeff live or in concert vid clips on you-tube, he almost always has a strat in hand unless he’s doin rock-a-billy when you’ll mostly see the L-5. I think I’ve seen a clip or two with a tele in hand as well but that is more an anomally if I’m not mistaken. It also appears that he has this treasure trove of guitars stored in an attic. If I had a collection like that, they would all be prominently displayed somewhere but that’s just me and my way of thinking.

    I sure love watching him play. His unusual picking style and the fact that he makes it look so easy and effortless makes me wanna go get a guitar and mess around but then I wake up and that ugly thing called reality sets in. LOL

    • torqdog says:

      Edit to correct…….. I just went and watched the Rock ‘n Roll Party blu and stand corrected. The first seven or eight tunes finds Jeff messin with a few of the guitars seen in the vid above and then he settles in on a sunburst Les Paul for about eight or ten before switching to the white strat and then finishes up the show with the Les Paul. The interesting thing about Jeff’s playing on this concert blu is he predominently uses a pick which is stepping outside of his normal fingerpickin routine. Quite the versatile guitarist that Jeff Beck is!

      I forgot how much fun this concert is and if you’re into that rock-a-billy style, I recommend it if just to have something a little nostalgic for your collection. Even if you’re not into that genre, this disc is quite entertaining and Imelda May is simply awesome. A great voice and easy on the eyes.

      • Bill says:

        Funny, I never really cared for rock-a-billy until Stray Cats and the Rev Horton Heat, etc., came out swinging. Beck did that Crazy Legs album and I even had a problem getting it all down at the time. Then, when you watch it played and listen to what a talented guitarist does, it’s pretty amazing. Like Back said, he had to slow down what some of those 50’s guys were doing to hear the intracacies and personality of the licks they were picking kind of in the background!

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