Turn It Up Tuesday!


May 29, 2012 by esarsea

If I had to explain, you wouldn’t understand. Turn it up, and leave it up.

Ladies and Germs, this is CLUTCH.

6 thoughts on “Turn It Up Tuesday!

  1. bigjeffjones says:

    No comment…yet…Veddy intellectual…

  2. Becky says:

    Get rid of the singer and it could be good a band? I’ve heard the name. They look like northern Wis. guys.

    • torqdog says:

      Ditto! I’m seriously tired of the angry, out of tune singer thing. The rest of the band is just OK…….. doesn’t really rock my world.


      • Becky says:

        I really liked the intro on the first one, but when the singer started….. I could never get into metal, punk, or most of hard rock and grunge, although I usually appreciate what they stand for. Rage against the system and such. That kind of music just doesn’t have the groove I like.

      • Bill says:

        Hahahaha. Your comment reminds me of my sons just a few years ago when they were 13, 14 years old. The older one, dark, moody, angry, pissy with everyone but his friends; the younger brother with a huge, soft heart for everything and everyone on the planet.

        One day, at the height of the older one’s moodiness and darkness causing problems in ex-wife’s household, the younger one who idolized his pissy older brother until he couldn’t take the abuse any longer, said,”You know, we all ‘get’ the dark, moody, TEEN-AGE thing. It’s just that we’re sick of it.”

        I about fell over when his mother told me the story.

        Currently, the younger has a part-time job delivering pizza’s, can’t get over making $50 or $60 in tips on a week-end night and has never gotten into trouble of any kind that I’m aware of. The older one, not so much. Glad they don’t know about this blog!

  3. esarsea says:

    What really caught my attention about these guys was listening to them on Pandora – I had created a Clutch station after hearing about them. I really was drawn to the Mel Schacher (Grand Funk) tone of Dan Maines’ bass. Had I been first introduced to them via this live performance I probably wouldn’t have been so interested in them…but after hearing a lot of their studio stuff, and after acquiring a taste for them, I found this live performance quite enjoyable.

    Here’s what Wiki has to say about their musical style:

    “Each Clutch album is marked by a distinct and cohesive sound dubbed the ultimate jam band. The musical style of the band has migrated from heavy metal and hardcore punk to hard rock. The band has also integrated funk influences into their rock sound. Strong blues influences have also become prominent in the releases of the later years as vocalist/guitarist Neil Fallon notes: “We’ve been really conscious of the blues over the last couple of years, and you have to admit that the blues really is the source of all rock and roll. I think it’s important to go to the source to find that inspiration.”

    The lyrics of Clutch songs have progressed from early releases that were marked with an angry, serious tone to latter releases that are characterized by intelligence, wordplay, and subtle humour. The songs make frequent references to history, mythology, popular culture, and religion; for example, “I Have the Body of John Wilkes Booth”, from the self-titled album, tells the story of a fisherman who discovers the corpse of Lincoln’s assassin in the Susquehanna River. Jam Room’s “Release the Kraken” inserts a hero called Useless the Younger into the movie Clash of the Titans. The band’s lyrics also often contain surrealistic imagery.”

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