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June 27, 2012 by esarsea

It’s been a while since a posted an update for our blog stats. I know that some might find this stuff boring, but I find it interesting.

115,913 views all time

Busiest day: May 28, 2012, with 635 views *

* This was a result of people doing Memorial Day image searches on Google. Evidently The images on this post rank pretty high. When people clicked on the photos it brought them to our blog. This is the same reason why our Amero post has so many views.

Total Posts: 450

Top 10 Most Viewed Posts:

The Amero: Hoax, or cause for concern?  – 36,066 views
Another Installment From The WTF Desk…  – 2,730 views 
More Clairvoyant Insanity  – 2,219 views 
The Amazing and Mysterious Buckethead – 1,562 views 
Take A Stand Against McDonalds – 1,322 views
Memorial Day – 1,253 views 
Jeff Beck at Ronnie Scott’s…unbelievable! – 1,248 views 
Crosswalk Logic – 953 views 
Adamovic Introduces The Eric Czar Bass! – 847 views 
6 Flags Theme Park to host Muslim Family Day on 9/12, sparking controversy – 764 views 

Total Comments: 2974

Top 10 Most Commented (or argued) Posts:

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid65 comments
The Amero: Hoax, or cause for concern?61 comments
Mosque at Ground Zero?46 comments
For Becky43 comments
Another Casualty of MSM Bias, Rep. Brad Sherman, D-Calif – 33 comments
Hey Prez….your chickens are coming home to roost!33 comments
Detention Camps?32 comments
Tea Baggers Unite!31 comments
I.O.U.S.A.30 comments
Gary Moore 1952-201129 comments

Views by Country *

Since February 2012, when WordPress began tracking/reporting this statistic.

United States 7,453
Canada 606
United Kingdom 566
Brazil 284
Italy 191
France 183
Germany 171
Poland 166
India 161
Australia 161
Netherlands 141
Mexico 134
Philippines 129
Indonesia 108
Spain 95
Turkey 92
Russian Federation 66
Portugal 65
Greece 65
Japan 64
Sweden 62
Argentina 60
Malaysia 58
Hungary 58
New Zealand 58
Czech Republic 56
Belgium 55
Israel 54
Thailand 49
Serbia 47
Switzerland 44
Ukraine 40
Finland 39
Chile 37
Ireland 37
Slovakia 36
Denmark 35
Norway 31
Pakistan 30
South Africa 29
Republic of Korea 28
Bulgaria 26
Hong Kong 24
Viet Nam 23
Austria 22
Romania 22
Colombia 21
Peru 21
Egypt 21
Croatia 20
Lithuania 20
Taiwan 19
Singapore 15
Costa Rica 14
Georgia 14
Venezuela 14
Ecuador 13
Morocco 13
Estonia 12
Sri Lanka 11
Algeria 10
Bangladesh 10
Dominican Republic 10
Armenia 10
Paraguay 9
Slovenia 9
Bosnia and Herzegovina 9
Saudi Arabia 8
Nepal 8
Iceland 8
Kuwait 7
Moldova 7
United Arab Emirates 7
Guatemala 7
Azerbaijan 7
Cyprus 7
Puerto Rico 6
Bahamas 6
Macedonia 6
Panama 5
Latvia 5
Barbados 4
Kenya 4
Albania 4
Tunisia 4
Maldives 4
Honduras 3
Liechtenstein 3
Qatar 3
El Salvador 3
Oman 2
Syrian Arab Republic 2
Belarus 2
Faroe Islands 2
Yemen 2
Malta 2
Jordan 2
Mauritius 2
Jamaica 2
Uganda 2
Nigeria 2
Iraq 1
Rwanda 1
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya 1
Grenada 1
Bahrain 1
Bermuda 1
Myanmar 1
Macao 1
Ghana 1
Guinea-Bissau 1
New Caledonia 1
Cambodia 1
Luxembourg 1
Côte d’Ivoire 1
Cuba 1
Virgin Islands 1

9 thoughts on “Blog Stats

  1. torqdog says:

    Looking at that list of old blog posts is like a trip down memory lane. I was certainly a much more passionate political animal then than now.
    Interesting stats on where from and how many hits we’re getting.

    • esarsea says:

      Yeah, this was a much more interactive and lively place before Facebook really kicked in, regardless of our political debates…

  2. Becky says:

    The stats are fun. Amazing how google brings in people from the oddest of places.

  3. Bill says:

    And so, with the clarity of history to guide us, the Amero was a hoax, correct? Did I nail it or what? :-)

    Or, according to conspiracy theorists, did they stop it by pointing it out, publicizing the treachery and the gummint pulled it all back and stuck it in an abandoned WWII warehouse in the Arizona desert next to Art Bell’s vacation home?


    Now, I’ll just wait for the Mosque at Ground Zero and Michele Bachmann’s FEMA camps to become the same part of history…the part where we chuckle and shake our heads and wonder WTF?

    • esarsea says:

      It would appear you nailed it, sir. I’m thinking we’re due for another conspiracy theory post though. At least they generate enough interest, legit or hoax, to prompt some discussion. It’s been too quiet for too long!

  4. Bill says:

    Oh, god, if you want to stoke some embers just say two words and click your heels together, Dorothy!

    Fast & Furious.

    If you can decipher the Republican-called conspiracy that supposedly lives inside a failed ATF operation, you’ll get your wish. I thought it was bad enough that they botched the operation and guns actually fell into the hands of Mexican drug thugs with one specifc weapon being traced to the shooting death of a US Border agent.

    But, nooooooooooo. That’s not bad enough, Bill. Just lower your vision to the ground and try to wrap your head around the conspiracy that the operation was purposely botched so that guns would be discovered in all kinds of violent crimes in Mexico and the southwest US so that US gun dealers, gun show exhibitors and the NRA would be forced out of existence! I’m serious, so no laughing, yet.

    Some of these pinheads actually believe that Obama is literally coming for their guns. Still. They’ve said that since he was elected and ammo ran dry at box stores and gun dealers for months. Then Barry lossened gun laws as they pertain to certain public areas in his first year in office. Did these people take that in and use their critical thinking skills to see that they were being scammed by gun dealers and the NRA? Nope!

    So, with no real presidential actions to rail against, they’ve invented the conspiracy that Fast & Furious was purposely botched to flood the area with weapons that would be used in violent crimes, thsu helping to kill gun sales in America and off the NRA, through the ‘back-door,’ so to speak. The idea is Obama wouldn’t have to attempt to legislate, just point to a ‘growing problem with gun violence’ and somehow that would be the demise of the NRA and gun stores.

    Hahahahahahahahha!. Obama has also deported more illegal immigrants than A-N-Y of his predecessors, amigo. But you will never, ever hear that on Fox, my ‘friends.’ Imagine that: The President of our country deports more illegals than all the P’sOTUS before him, and a certain ‘news’ organization will make sure you never hear it from them while their viewers defend against the idea that they are the most-misinformed news viewers in the country.

    • torqdog says:

      Ah yes………. the two word association game. Here’s mine………

      Inner Peace

      The feeling I realized once I got off the merry-go-round of pointless political discussion.

      Here’s two more words for ya………

      Try it!

      You’ll be amazed at how much happier a person you suddenly become. All that inner churning associated with how fucked those folks on the other side are will suddenly go away and it will all seem irrelevant.

  5. Bill says:

    I get that part, this was a suggestion for a new subject to match the hits we got over the Amero hoax.

    Believe me, I don’t even watch the beige national news any longer. It’s a train wreck, politcally.

    What bothered me is I put out my American Flag yesterday, for alot of personal and community reasons and immediately began fielding questions and comments from Janet and neighbors about whether I was really proud of my country or commited to its future at the extreme partisan speed we’re going, blah-blah-blah. Both sides have created the worst candidates, pundits and policies I’ve ever seen in this country. The Republican primaries were just outrageous to me. Donald Trump, Herman Cain, Bachmann, Frothy and finally Romney, almost by default, were the very best, the very brightest they could come up with? Trust funders and scallawags?

    I’m thinking more and more about Canadian retirement these days. They don’t start wars and don’t budget huge chunks of their GDP for them nor do they have a political party telling them to cut social services, but maintain military spending. Health care is provided, so I wouldn’t go bankrupt because I got sick, the crime rate is tiny compared to ours, and, most of all, they don’t have 6 or 7 states or territories wishing they had won a civil war 150 years ago so they could return to slavery and re-runs of The Dukes of Hazzard.

    • Becky says:

      Ditto, man. Are there more believers of climate change in Canada as well? Our visit to southern Wis. for the holiday felt like a trip to Arizona in the summer.

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