Quack-Quack: The Seattle Seahawks Get New Uniforms


August 25, 2012 by esarsea

Gag me with a Duck.

The Seattle Seahawks have entered the 2012 football season with new uniforms designed by Nike…the same company that gave us the garish clown suits worn by the University of Oregon Ducks (more examples here, here and here).

Oregon has used Nike’s abstract and perverted view of athletic uniforms ever since Nike’s founder Phil Knight started donating millions of dollars to the university. That’s fine. After all, Knight graduated from Oregon – and the Ducks are certainly welcome to prostrate themselves to this alumni’s money – regardless of Nike’s long-standing history of using ‘sweatshops” to manufacture their overpriced products.

The University of Oregon did manage to dislodge Nike’s finger from their rectum when they joined the Worker’s Rights Cortsortium, a labor rights monitoring organization, back in 2000. Nike’s response? They revoked a $30 million donation to the university because the WRC had a history of being unfriendly to shoe companies. Nice.

But I digress…

Somehow, Nike’s visual adulteration has managed to breach the Columbia River and infect it’s neighbors to the North. 




Nice touch to highlight Nike’s logo (half of Salvador Dali’s moustache) so prominently. Nike took over the NFL uniform contract this year so we’ll be seeing the “swoosh” everywhere.

If we had to get new uniforms, I would have much prefered the following design – a color scheme similar to our original uniforms (and one of many styles that were rumored to have been under consideration):

One thought on “Quack-Quack: The Seattle Seahawks Get New Uniforms

  1. esarsea says:

    I must admit the new Seahawk uniforms have won me over. I really like them now. Maybe I’m just becoming a ‘Grumpy Old Man’ who doesn’t like change (the wife tells me there’s no ‘maybe’ about it).

    The Oregon Duck clown suits are still lame however.

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