12 New GM Crops Up For USDA Approval


September 6, 2012 by esarsea

12 New GM Crops Up For USDA Approval.

Posted via a “share” button provided on the original article.

As you know, this is a pet issue of the BS BLOG. Stay informed, and take action! Stop the “Round-Up Ready” (ie: “Birth Defect Ready”) GMOs!

6 thoughts on “12 New GM Crops Up For USDA Approval

  1. Bill says:

    Speaking of food, what’s with the three huge chicken burger ads? Are we getting spammed because we use a Wrod Press site or do we need to pay for hosting and lose the ads? I’m in if we need to throw a few bucks at deleting the fast food menus from the site.

  2. esarsea says:

    We are one of the wordpress blogs that was accepted/approved for the “word ads” program. We have the ability to turn them on and off. They generate a small amount of money with each view – so far we’ve earned a whopping $15. It was/is my intent to distribute the earnings between you, Randy and I….was supposed to be a surprise of sorts, but the earnings have been negligable. If the concensus is to ditch them, I’ll turn them off. Let me know what you think?

    • esarsea says:

      I paused them. They are annoying…

      • Bill says:

        Well, I like the idea of you getting a few bucks back for the efforts you’ve made on the site, but the Wendy’s campaign was way over the top! I kept trying to scroll down to the actual blog content and a grilled chicken burger kept following me!

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