Gay, Pot Smoking Democrats Happy in Washington State


November 7, 2012 by esarsea

Washington State voters went with President Obama this year, and elected Democrats for 8 out of 12 available seats for the U.S. Congress. A Democrat was also elected for the only available U.S. Senate seat. On a state level, the Governor’s race is too close to call, but the Democratic candidate is leading 51% to 48%. Lt. Govenor also went to the Democratic candidate.

Secretary of State remains too close to call, however State Treasurer and State Auditor races went to the Democratic candidate – as did our Attorney General, Commissioner of Public Lands and Insurance Commissioner races.

State Senator and State Representative races were a little more balanced. If current leaders retain their margins, votes will elect  67 Democrats and 57 Republicans (combined) for the  Washington State House of Representatives and Washington State Senate.

Washington State had 2, “Hot Button” issues on the ballot this year; a Referendum regarding authorizing gay marriage and an Initiative concerning the legalization and regulation of marijuana. Both issues passed easily.

Interesting to note that our neighbors to the South in Oregon voted down a similar marijuana Initiative. Surprisingly so, as Oregonians are much more liberal and permissive when it comes to gambling and, “Gentlemen’s Clubs.” I’m thinking they were too concerned about having Autzen Stadium full of people saying, “…Whoa, dude! Those uniforms are a trip, man! Hey, you gonna eat that granola or what?”

16 thoughts on “Gay, Pot Smoking Democrats Happy in Washington State

  1. Bill says:

    Oh, c’mon, now, I’ll bet there are plenty of straight, pot smoking Democrats in Washington who are happy today. Oregon pot farmers are now growing some of the highest quality weed on the planet and probably voted against legalization because it would ruin their lucrative corner on the market.

    It’s ok, Stu, I know lots of good, decent old-school Republicans and I know you know lots of decent Democrats. You’ll be ok, I promise, unless you’re a Chuck Norris or Ted Nugent fan. Then, you’re going to burn like C-4 in a hardwood bonfire on the 8th Rung of Hell.

    • esarsea says:

      Yep, I do know some decent Democrats. I voted for more than one of them this year.

      I didn’t know that Oregon was known for high-test weed? I guess I wouldn’t know though, as it’s been nearly 40 years since I spent $10 on a one ounce “Lid.” From what I understand it’s sold in grams now, and grams cost more than what a baggie cost in the 70’s!

      • Ron Johnson says:

        Stu, Southern Oregon’s Economy is driven by High Test Weed, and Wine.
        Come on down and visit sometime.

        • esarsea says:

          And here all this time I thought pears were your claim to fame!

        • Bill says:

          Ah, yeah, Purple Haze, Yellow PIneapple, “H”, Blue Bud, all hitting the Utah ‘gourmet’ pot market at $400 an ounce from farms in Oregon. My younger brother and a group of hippies moved to Roseburg/Wolf Creek Pass area in the mid-70’s, leased Forest Service land for 99 years and started a commune whose main product was weed they grew and smoked. That lasted for about 2 years.

          Oliver Stone ( I know , no ‘puns,’ blah-blah-blah) said very recently that the weed grown on the left coast of Northern Cali and Oregon rivals anything on the planet these days. He was chuckling about it, so I guess he knows.

  2. Sandy says:

    Sounds like you’re talking about Massachusetts?

  3. torqdog says:

    When I was MUCH younger, I smoked a buttload of weed. “High” School was mostly a social gathering on the “field” for trading in such commodities. At times I questioned why I was smoking so much as it really didn’t agree with me mentally and once I conquered the peer pressure and was able to quit and think clearly, I realized how much smoking weed made me lethargic and unproductive compounded with some major short term memory loss. Now that I’m older and wiser(?) I have found cannabis to be a very nice way to relax. A joint and a glass of wine accompanied with good music is nirvana. Problem is, since getting hired on with the Gas Utility here and the fact that I’m DT’d randomly, I haven’t been able to enjoy this form of entertainment for some time. But the day I retire which isn’t too far down the road, there’s gonna be one helluva party goin down here.

    • esarsea says:

      I’ve actually experienced some passing thoughts about revisiting it, since it’s going to be legal in Washington – but it’s been so long (and gotten so strong since the 70’s) that I kind of doubt it. I need what little mental acuity I have left!

      I have a friend with a ‘green card’ for medical weed, and the resulting lack of motivation and focus he experienced from his chronic use ended up costing him a business that was grossing 12M in annual sales – and put 10 people out of work. It was both sad and frustrating to watch. That being said however, I’m sure many more businesses have been lost to alcohol. It’s all about moderation, regardless of one’s drug of choice.

      I am very interested to see how the state is going to regulate it. Last year voters put Washington State out of the liquor business, and approved grocery stores to sell booze. Previously, stores could only sell beer and wine here – and spirits had to be purchased from state operated liquor stores. I wonder if the state will view this opportunity as a chance to recoup some of that lost revenues, and start operating weed outlets? I also wonder if we’re going to have pot lounges or bars? I haven’t read any of the legislation. Now that I think about it, I kind of doubt that there will be ‘weed watering holes.’ You can’t even smoke cigarettes in bars here…

      • torqdog says:

        You brought up another example of what I fear may become an epidemic with the legalization and wholesale acceptance of Pot smoking. Chronic usage makes most people quite lethargic and as you pointed out, lose all motivation to succeed. Are we possibly looking at another societal subclass that becomes dependent on the govt due to bad choices they made? Time will tell but considering the fact that for me it wasn’t until I kicked the habit was I able to truly become a functioning member of society and the fact that any stigma associated with smoking weed will have been removed, my outlook is bleak.

        Of course then you have the fact that there are many folks who get involved in smoking weed due to it’s illegality……… the rebel. So maybe it won’t be quite as bad as it would seem. Again, time will tell as this seems to be the direction the country wants to go in right now.

        • esarsea says:

          True – but as I alluded to, chronic use of alcohol is equally if not more debilitating…so I don’t know that a lethargic society is a big concern for me. All things being equal, it’s not often one picks up a newspaper and reads about how someone got stoned and shot someone, or assulted his wife, etc. It’s unavoidable that some will abuse it, but that goes with anything. Who knows, maybe it will lead to some advancements in science and medicine, as folks ponder seemingly profound insights :-)

          I’m sure the Hostess bakery folks are excited, with all the problems they are experiencing!

    • Bill says:

      “Buttload?” You’re supposed to smoke it like a cigarette, Randy, not use it like a suppository. If you do that, you’ll have mental problems, become lethargic and unproductive and even have memory problems!

  4. torqdog says:

    Yeah, I know what you mean but here’s the big difference IMHO. Alcohol is pretty much out of your system in about 12 to 24 hours where pot can take weeks for a chronic smoker to clear from the system. I know in my case it took what seemed like an eternity before I got my energy/motivation levels back on track. The worse I ever experienced with a hangover was maybe taking a day off work cuz I felt like crap.

    I’ll grant you that domestic violence is quite often associated with alcohol abuse. But maybe those figures might begin to show parity with pot abusers once the numbers using pot are on par with alcohol.

    • esarsea says:

      I don’t anticipate any parity in the numbers. Aggressive behavior is much more common with drunks vs. stoners. I hear ya on the length of time it remains in your system though, as it’s stored in fat cells where alcohol isn’t. Still, I’d wager that pot will never overtake alcohol when it comes to abuse and/or addiction issues, and its impact on society. Maybe I’m uninformed, but I just don’t see it.

      • Bill says:

        During then recent failed campaign to legalize in California, one of the out-spoken supporters was an emergency room doctor in LA who’s take was really quite interesting: He said on a typical week-end, he can’t remember ever treating someone for marajauna use or overdose. He does, however, spend the whole week-end treating people coming in from alcohol use that presents itself at the ER as car crashes, fights, stabbings, shootings, domestic violence, alcohol poisoning, falls, accidents with machines, liver failure and near lifeless, drunken bodies brought in unconscious from the streets, somewhere.

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