The Sun Still Came Up…


December 7, 2012 by esarsea

Day #1 is in the books here in Washington State. The first full day of legal weed and same-sex marriages.

I couldn’t help but notice that everyone was still driving the speed limit, the lines at the fast-food joints weren’t any longer, and the straight folks here are still straight.

Could it be? Could it be that the gay community isn’t more gay than it already was? The bi-curious folks aren’t any more curious? My daughter hasn’t cut her hair short, stopped wearing makeup and started wearing flannel shirts and workboots? My son hasn’t quit his job running heavy equipment in favor of becoming a hairdresser?

I checked the news this morning and didn’t find any reports of a guy getting stoned and beating up his girlfriend. 

Maybe the zombie apocalypse isn’t coming after all.

7 thoughts on “The Sun Still Came Up…

  1. Bill says:

    I was just going to check in with you today! I didn’t expect the Zombiepocalypse, but I am anxious to hear the long-term affect this might have on crime stats, public health stats and what the state’s treasury looks like as they tax and license the flowering weed.

    They are going to tax and regulate, right? Remove cartels from the supply side and the violence around pot farming and smuggling, I hope.

    As far as drug cartels go, we need to give those poor citizens of Arizona a break, what with those border guards acidentally killing each other and Gov. Brewer forced to admit that there weren’t any headless American bodies near the border.

    • esarsea says:

      That’s the plan but none of that infrastructure is in place. While it’s now legal to possess 1 oz or less if you’re over 21, it’s still illegal to grow or sell it until they work all that out. I doubt WA and CO’s move to legalize is going to impact the cartels much. Need more states to come onboard to put them out of the weed biz, but even then they’ll likely just move on to a different drug.

      It’s not quite Amsterdam here either, can’t smoke in public, although law enforcement pretty much is under directive to look the other way or make it low priority. In a news interview on TV yesterday, a Seattle PD spokesman said if there was a guy drinking a beer on one street corner, and a guy smoking pot on the other street corner, they would make contact with the beer drinker first – and it’s like a $100 fine for smoking in public if I understand it correctly.

      I’m interested to see how the Feds approach this. The Feds still classify weed as a Schedule 1 Drug, on a par with heroin.

      • torqdog says:

        Stu, when you say “and it’s like a $100 fine for smoking in public if I understand it correctly” is that just for weed or all forms of smoking (cigarettes, cigars etc)?

        • esarsea says:

          Just pot. You can still smoke cigs outside…for now. They did clamp down on cigs a while back though, can’t smoke cigs in a bar or tavern, or at work even if where you work is not open to the public and everyone who works there smokes. If one went by the letter of the law, you can’t smoke within 25′ of the entrance to any public building. It’s been a boon for indian casino bars, where you can still smoke.

          • torqdog says:


            BTW; your usage of the nickname “Pot” for marijuana piqued my curiosity as to it’s origin.


          • Bill says:

            The Utah Indoor Clean Air Act does the same thing; we’ve had it for years and years and basically, if you want a smoke, you go outside 25 ft away from any doors or windows. That goes for bars, restaurants, work places, etc.

            We got reamed by some agency a week ago that told Utah the smoking room at the Salt Lake International Airport is a joke. Does seem a bit weird, two or three people puffing away in an all-glass enclosure on display right there on the concourse next to magazine and snack stores. Looks more like an experiment at a Nazi concentration camp or a David Blain trick (watch me live in this smoke-filled glass box for a week!)

  2. esarsea says:

    I have seen those in airports before…from the inside, truth to be told. Nasty little rooms, you don’t even need to light up to ‘smoke’ in there. When a smoking area stinks to a smoker, you KNOW it’s bad.

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