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January 22, 2013 by esarsea

It’s been a long time since I stumbled across a new brand of music that really excited me, but it’s happened with this week’s artist, Sound Tribe Sector 9.

Sound Tribe Sector 9’s music is difficult to categorize. According to Wiki:

Sound Tribe Sector 9 (abbreviated as STS9) is an instrumental band whose sound is based heavily on instrumental rock and electronic music, funk, jazz, drum and bass, psychedelia, and hip hop. Self-described as “post-rock dance music,” the band mixes standard live rock instrumentation with electronics, favoring group rhythm over individual solos.

Had I simply read this description, I probably would not have taken the time to give them a listen, but I’m glad I did. They have elements of ambient music, which I have grown to appreciate as a result of listening to Eric Czar’s ambient work.

Rather than try to describe it, have a listen for yourself. There’s several hours worth of listening here. You can play it as background music on your computer, or listen actively – there’s room for both. I find myself rather captivated by them.

Enjoy, and Turn It Up! —> http://soundcloud.com/sts9/sets/homepage-player

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