What’s On My Mind This Thursday…


January 24, 2013 by esarsea


The Seahawks – excited for next year. Russell Wilson only had 1/3 of the snaps during the preseason and showed tremendous growth through this season. With a full off season and preseason to prepare, (and nobody prepares like he does) I’m confident he’ll not experience the dreaded “Sophmore Slump.”

The Sonics – hopefull they will be back in Seattle this Fall. Former NBA star and Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson is doing his best to keep the team in Sacto, but I suspect the deal is done.

The Mariners – fearing another season of mediocrity. I hope not, but I’m not seeing anything that leads me to believe any different.

Manti T’eo – I don’t care. Really, I don’t. And I’m tired of this story being all over the news. Time to move on.

Lance Armstrong – see ‘Manti T’eo.’

ZED – can’t get enough of their new album, due for release May 21st.

Eric Czar – hasn’t posted a new video to Youtube in quite some time. He tells me he just finished a ‘Mellow piece’ on his new Ibanez ATK305 and will be posting it soon!

HD TV – I’m still like a kid with a new toy. Blu-Ray movies in HD are a trip! Most recent movie was Avatar, which was very enjoyable. Amazing special effects.

Real Estate – Mom’s house is on the market, but no nibbles yet. Another showing today according to our agent.

Weather – had enough of it. Come on Spring!

Work – business is improving, slowly but surely. Quality accounts take time, but it’s hard to be patient. Persistence, persistence…

My yard – needs attention. A lot of it. See ‘Weather.’

Main Bathroom – finally finished, time to tackle the master bath.

Quality Sleep – not familiar enough with it to comment.

State of the Union – recent Youtube surfing of George Carlin clips have led to some genuinely funny discoveries, and some that just make me hope he’s wrong about our country. However, I fear there’s more truth to this rant than not. (Caution, strong language).

11 thoughts on “What’s On My Mind This Thursday…

  1. David E. King ll L.M.P. says:

    I agree.
    If Mom’s house is priced right it’ll sell.
    I can fix your yard in no more than two days. I don’t melt. You KNOW I am available and I work well un-supervised. So what’s your excuse?

    Please go to PBS.org (Make a stiff drink first)
    click videos
    click Frontline
    Click Inside the Obama Presidency
    and then make another drink
    and then
    Click “The Untouchables”
    and then call me

    • esarsea says:

      Watching now, call you later :-)

      For anyone else interested, here’s a direct link: http://video.pbs.org/video/2327953844

      • torqdog says:

        Same shit, different actors.

        I fear my government more than ever!

        • Bill says:

          Why? If it’s the same shit, different actors, why the increase in fear?

          I fear my government in Utah much, much more than the Feds these days. Not because our Legislature is a brain-clogging 85% Republican/Mormon now, but because they are thoughtless, shallow fools who would rather stand by while nearly 2,000 Utah citizens they are supposedly representing, die every year from this toxic blanket of smog that settles into the valley for a month, than legislate some controls on their campaign contributors who foul the air along with cars, cars, cars.

          BUT! Last week, they offered-up legislation to do away with Concealed Carry Permits so that anyone who isn’t legally restricted and over the age of 21 can tuck a pistol into their waistband and walk around like they’re somebody, legally. And we have a State Gun now, thanks to a moron who was drummed out of politics here, eventually.

          We have a State Gun, it’s a Browning Model 1910 .45 cal., and we’re all gonna die from smog.

          We have a long history-problem here in the land of “Smaller Government-Less Taxes” with creating laws that have no crime to address.

          • esarsea says:

            Nice of you guys to bridge the gap between your neighbors to the North and South! Both Arizona and Wyoming are concealed carry states where you don’t need a permit (although in WY you must be a resident or a permit is required).

            I’m surprised to learn of smog issues in UT. Never been there (other than passing through as a kid on a family vacation) but always thought you guys were in the land of clear skies.

          • torqdog says:

            Yeah Stu, we get it here as well. Not so much in Carson, but Reno which is in a valley surounded by mountains gets pretty yucky due to the inversion which has been hangin in for a long time this winter. Been cold as the dickens too with weeks on end with low temps in the single digits.

            Bill, did you watch the video? THAT is what I’m talkin about. And if you are so fed up with Utah politics, rather than complain and live in “fear” that some right wing Mormon is gonna stick it to ya, relieve your mental stress and move! There’s plenty of places in this country where you’ll find like minded individuals and golden job opportunities as well. Washington D.C. comes to mind and with your journalistic talent, you likely would do quite well back there. AND, it’s the only place that didn’t see any recession at all in the last cycle. To the contrary, they just kept on growing.

            And speaking of your situation in hostile “Mormonville”, I see a golden opportunity here for you and your like minded brethren if you just take the long view. Looking at your post it seems pretty clear that you can eventually have SLC all to yourselves if you just think this through logically. Hear me out………. all you guys need to do is leave SLC and setup on some commune to wait out the inevitable. The inevitable comes in the form of once you guys evacuate the city there will be only those conservative hayseed hick Mormon Republicans you vehemently despise and hold in contempt, running amok and destroying everything. Well armed and not givin a shit about the smogs of winter, the way I understand it based upon your writings, they’ll either shoot each other or choke to death on the toxic atmosphere. Once their numbers have dwindled to irrelevance, y’all leave the temporary confines of your commune and come back to claim SLC as yours and all others be damned! Patience grasshopper, P A T I E N C E!

          • billie789 says:

            Randy, I can’t tell if you’re being sincere; Love it or Leave It, really?

            I think I’ll stay and remind these thoughtless, self-aggrandizing hillbillies that they have a long way to go before they can speak for me with any authenticity and authority. To run off would be as cowardly as they are now.

            I won’t bore you with the roots boths sides of my family have had here since the late 1800’s and why that suggestion is going in the mental round file.

          • torqdog says:

            Tongue in cheek Bill. I’m surprised that it would hit you as some sort of serious solution. Communes? Gun totin hicks killing themselves off? Choking on the toxic atmosphere? As far as moving…… I know you’re there to stay. It just hits me as kind of funny that you live in probably THE most conservative part of the country and yet feel compelled to complain when things don’t go quite your way like with the smog issue.

            If it truly bugs you as much as one would gather based upon your post, you could at least start to show some initiative by doing your part in helping clean up the air by driving a Prius instead of that Jeep SUV. LOL

          • billie789 says:

            I didn’t think you were serious.

            But really, the core of your suggestion, serious or not, is if I find it so objectionable, why am I here? That is a question echoed by every ‘conservative’ (ahem) in Utah, really.

            Fair question, but only if you are looking at surface issues and stereotypical answers. I see progress here, Randy, in just the past year alone.

            Last spring a group of 300 Mormons marched in support of our large LGBT community as parents, brothers and sisters stood up and said they loved their gay family members and would suport and love them forever regardles of what anyone else had to say. That, after Prop 8’s toxic aftermath, was progress.

            The local chapter of the Eagle Forum, Phyllis Schafly’s conservative outfit, helped push through a bill that would ban sex education in Utah schools and under pressure from those cantankerous “normal’ Utahns, the governor actually vetoed it, citing the public’s outcry. Utah’s school children have a ridiculously high number of teen pregnancies, chlamydia and gonnorhea because, it turns out and the stats back it up, abstinence doesn’t work. It’s a conservative ‘feel good.’

            Our red legislature, now at 85% white, Mormon, Republican-mostly male, also tried to pass a bill that would make GRAMMA requests nearly impossible to make or pay a ridiculous rate to access, thus keeping their closed-door meetings on legislation a secret, and that’s unAmerican.

            Like service people returning from combat and wanting to go back, I don’t want to ‘go home’ just yet and leave my buddies in a war zone. This is a cultural war that is being won slowly over time.

    • esarsea says:

      Sounds like Uncle George was much more succinct when he said, “…it’s a big club, and your’re not in it.”

  2. torqdog says:

    Go Niners!

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