Original Intent


January 27, 2013 by torqdog

Interesting perspective



3 thoughts on “Original Intent

  1. billie789 says:

    Other than his agreement that citizens don’t need assault-type weapons, isn’t this just the NRA’s philosophy mouthed by the author? Armed security guards in schools?

    We already have them and they haven’t stopped a Columbine or a Sandy Hook. The Sandy Hook guard called in that day because they were ‘snowed-in,’ unable to get there. At least two armed LE officers had contact with Dylan Kleibold at Columbine in the early moments, exchanged rounds with the little freak as he ran back into the building. Nothing came of that precaution. The armed guys sat outside and waited for back up to arrive while they could hear continued gunfire in the bulding.

    You really want to place an old, tired, retired cop or military guy in that environment and expect everything’s fine, now?

    • torqdog says:

      Interesting response to the article Bill considering there wasn’t a single mention of armed guards in schools nor did I see anywhere a mention from the author that he thinks the citizenry doesn’t need sporting (“assault-type”) rifles.

      Also, I think you might be confusing Sandy Hook with the “snowed in guard” incident that actually happened in California. It was at Taft High School where the guard didn’t show the day the kid came to school with a shotgun. Sandy Hook didn’t have an armed guard and the district is now looking into it.


      • Bill says:

        You are correct, sir. No armed guards at Sandy Hook and I was thinking of the Taft High School event, but the dynamics of having a guard call in sick or out because of weather still seems to fit.

        I like the idea of having an equivalent of an Air Marshall at school; no one knows who it is and who’s armed. That way a kid who goes coo-coo won’t have any way to know which adult in the school is armed and ready and all the rest of the teachers won’t have to worry about maintaining security of a deadly weapon in their classroom, which is just a ridiculous idea when you think about it.

        When are we going gold prospecting? I’m so sick of talking about guns I could hurl. And I own several and I enjoy them target shooting. Been a while, but I am going to do a little prospecting this Spring, taking a Saturday class in Utah gold propsecting. Most of the serious prospectors in Utah. . .prospect on claims they have now in Nevada!

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