More Thoughts On Gun Control


January 29, 2013 by esarsea

I was looking back at the FBI stats we linked to in a previous post. For 2011, it shows 12,644 murders in the US: 323 committed by rifle (2.5%) and 6,220 committed by handguns (nearly half of all homicides) and yet the focus seems to be on the so-called “Assault Rifle.”

These rifles are classified as “Assault Rifles” due to their cosmetic similarity to fully automatic assault rifles like the military uses. It really has nothing to do with how they operate.

An assault rifle is not a fully automatic machine gun, where you can hold the trigger down and generate a continuous stream of bullets. The assault rifles that are under fire (excuse the pun) are semi automatic weapons that fire one bullet each time the trigger is pulled. From this standpoint, assault rifles are just like any semi automatic pistol, be it a Colt 45 or a Smith & Wesson double action revolver.

That must mean the main concern is large magazines that assault rifles can have. A typical Colt 45 holds 8 rounds (7 in the clip and 1 in the chamber). Most double action revolvers hold 6 rounds, and the popular 9mm pistol commonly holds 15 rounds (although some states limit you to 10 round clips).

The 1994 assault weapon ban that just expired limited these assault rifles to 10 round magazines. High capacity magazines can now hold more.

However, 2 handguns – 1 in each pocket – gives you 16 rounds in the case of the Colt 45, 12 rounds with 2 standard revolvers, or even 30 rounds with a couple 9mm pistols. And reloading is a snap with extra clips and/or speed-loaders.

Handguns are MUCH more easily concealed, fire just as fast, and are easier to handle. An armed bad guy could pack around 3 or 4 handguns unnoticed just as easy (or in some cases, easier) than just one “Assault rifle.” Handguns are responsible for 1 out of every 2 murders, while rifles (rifles of ALL kinds, not just the so-called assault rifles) are responsible for less than 3 out of every 100 murders.

Imagine if 12,000 people were killed every year as a result of commercial airline crashes. Imagine 6000 deaths per year as a result of Airline “A” crashes, and 300 deaths per year as a result of Airline “B” crashes.

Then imagine the FAA focusing all their attention on the regulation of Airline B.

I guess I just don’t get it.

8 thoughts on “More Thoughts On Gun Control

  1. David E. King ll L.M.P. says:

    I think it’s just a show. The hypocrites pockets are lined with 2nd amendment lobbyist $$$.

    Just like any of the other BS they want us to think they are actually handling. Zero confidence, in any of them. Probably just a smoke screen so they can screw us on the 28th amendment. Wow….it’s hard to write this without profanity.

    • Bill says:

      David, what the fuck are you saying, that you can’t swear here?

      Stu, go back and fix ‘assault’ everywhere you mispelled it. :-)

      Randy, quick, boil some water and I’ll start tearing up sheets, for some reason.

      And I’m still laughing about the all-serious Hammer stats, so I’m not much use to you.

      The little factoid that should be concerning all of us Americans at this point is no other so-called civilized, 1st World Country has our annual gun-mortality rate but they have violent movies, violent video games (The same ones!) blah-blah-blah.

      • esarsea says:

        Well that’s embarrassing! I will go fix…thanks :-)

        The main point I was making is that our gun mortality rate is not a result of assault rifles, yet that seems to be what the politicos and media want us to think. It’s little more than a “feel good” move because assault rifles “look” menacing, and by banning them the elected officials can look like they give a shit and are doing something….but it’s painfully clear the problem isn’t assault rifles.

        Also, I don’t think we can evaluate things based soley on those gross/summary gun mortality numbers you mentioned.

        According to this page on Wiki:

        …the United States is #100 on the list of countries as far as number of intentional homicides per capita. Not sure how many of #1 through #99 would be considered “1st World Civilized Countries” but I’d be interested to see a comparative graph that showed which countries had strict gun control measures in place, and how that related to these per capita homicide rates (and/or the incidence of violent crime in general).

        I’m sure that info is out there for the motivated researcher.

      • torqdog says:

        OK Bill, the water is on but I’m thinking of maybe throwing some good pasta in it instead of raggedy old sheets. I luuuuuuuuv pasta!

        Contrary to the media driven popular opinion, even though we are number 1 in the world as far as gun ownership, we’re something like 27th in the world when it comes to gun homicides per capita.

        I’m re-posting this 4 minute video. Once you get past Alex Jones making a TOTAL ass of himself, there’s some good info to be gleaned here.

        I fully understand what Stu is getting at in his commentary. If saving lives are, first and foremost what all this new legislation is supposed to address, then based on real number statistics, it fails miserably and only serves, as Stu alluded to, to make those who voted for this shit “feel good” about themselves. A bunch of pompous, aggrandizing politicians who never let a crisis go to waste.

        Bill, I agree that violent vids, TV shows and movies aren’t solely the cause of this “rage” that seems to burn in a few troubled souls. But they ARE part of the equation and shouldn’t be ignored. Looking at the stats presented in the youtube vid, violent crimes in the US are a tiny number when compared to other countries. So just because kids in other countries aren’t able to access firearms as easily to commit their crime, it doesn’t take away the fact that the violence still exists, in much higher numbers I might add. So I think that sort of disolves the argument that kids in other countries watch the same shit and aren’t affected by it. It would be interesting to find stats that show whether this is a growing trend worldwide or is just getting more attention.

        I hate to use this cliche but it seems to fit, “A well armed society is a polite society”. Looking at crime stats from places outside the US, I believe that cliche speaks to the truth, a truth some find impossible to fathom.

        • Bill says:

          I’m missing the reason you dismiss kids in other countries who watch and play the very same games and movies that our kids watch are not having nearly the rate of mass shootings we do. I think you kind of glossed over that one and it sticks out to me like a red flag, on fire. And particularly since LaWayne claimed that was the reason, not easy access to weapons.

          What it says to me is corporate lobbyists have infiltrated and perverted our system of government to the point that we could actually be on fire, the entire country in flames, and the National Fire Association would hammer its purchased Congresspeople to deny it, to not pass any anti-fire laws, to not pass any budgeting to that end, etc. and to claim that anyone who tries to put that fire out is violating Constitutional Rights and God’s Law and all that hysterical, phony pearl clutching, and when I look through a telescope at other 1st World Countries, it’s just not like that there, is it?

          • esarsea says:

            Well, if the government is consistent with past practices, they’ll take a look at the numbers related to mass shootings. If the numbers clearly show that, as a result of viewing violent movies and/or video games, 60 mass shootings took place; 30 mass shootings after viewing game “A” and 3 mass shootings after viewing game “B” …I’m confident they’ll be holding a press conference announcing their desire to ban game “B.”

  2. David E. King ll L.M.P. says:

    Ah FUCK Bill……..I’m sorry.

    And yeah………what is wrong with all those other countries……..Hmmmmm could it be that when you are bad you get more than a spanking. Here the father/ murderer of Marvin Gaye for example (only because after a documentary the info is fresh) never served any jail time. He was a dominant, cross-dressing, alcoholic (NOT that there is anything wrong with that) who decided to kill his son with a gun that was not his……6 years probation because Marvin had illegal drugs in the house.

    Wonder how that might go over in another country.

    Maybe it’s fluoride in the water. I’m just glad they can’t blame Bugs, Daffy, Elmer and Foghorn anymore

    • Bill says:

      I believe the difference is gun manufacturers in America have mounted a huge corporate lobbying push to pervert our heritage of guns and frontier and pioneers and hunting, to new heights of paranoia and hate and mistrust. Everything justifying gunning-up the entire country from the partisan echo-chambers is suddenly about ‘protecting your family!’ Who’s going to argue with that? No one. But if you look at the stats and Justice Dept data, those roving bands of meth-addicted Mexican gang-banger, cannibal, rapist zombies. . .doesn’t exist, at least not in your town or my town.

      They do exist, however, in video games.

      Hired pimps like LaWayne start disseminating lies to scare people to the gun manufacturer’s retail dealer outlets, and shadowy gun shows, to buy up weapons and ammo and accessories that they claim are now endangered because Blackenstein is in office.

      It’s a cold, calculated marketing philosophy and initiative where they make ‘regulation’ a constantly moving target.

      I liken it to a Tiger Repellant scam.

      Sales Guy: “You need Tiger Repellant to protect your family!”

      Citzen: “But. . . there aren’t any tigers in Utah!”

      Sales Guy: “See? It works! And you need to buy some! Or don’t you care about your family?”

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