February 8, 2013 by esarsea

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If you’re in Southern Cali.. here’s whats jumping off this morning.. Right now in LA there is a police officer named Christopher Jordan Dorner who is accused of killing 2 people. They were a couple, one a college basketball coach and the other the daughter of a man who repped him when he was fired from LAPD..He is believed to have shot 3 officers killing one and has threatened to return and do more major damage..He’s accused of killing a Riverside police officer.. He is on the run as they have an all out manhunt …

**** Here’s a quick update*****WTF? So police in Southern California have shot two unarmed Asian women who were delivering newspapers..

The women were driving a truck similar to what the wanted LAPD officer is reported to be driving.. They saw the women throwing papers out the window and got spooked and shot them…

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  1. torqdog says:

    It’s quite telling the reaction this guy is getting from some circles as some folks are actually glorifying and justifying Dorner’s murderous actions. I’ve heard him referred to as “the modern day D’jango” and supportive tweets abound.
    Moral depravity!
    As of the time I write this, he’s barracaded himself in a cabin with two more LEOs shot, one fatally.

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