Johnny Cash: You Must See This Video!


March 19, 2013 by billie789

About a year ago, I attended a screening of an hour’s-worth of winning entrees for something called “The One Show.” It’s a traveling lecture and video presentation delivered by an organization in New York that features the very best in print advertising and electronic media for marketing in the world.

I’ve seen it many times over the years, including using it as a luncheon presentation when I was an officer of the Utah Ad Federation. ‘The One Show’ packed them in each year to overflow capacity, it’s that good.

Last year, a very streamlined version of the electronic winners came through town where I saw this and absolutley fell down. . .I was breathless, mentally, for days after I viewed it, stopped it and explored the individual frames.

Do this: Go there, click on ‘ Watch The Video’- Read the box with an explanantion in the center of the screen.

Then, as you watch the video, pause it every once in a while and explore individual animation frames contributed by hundreds and hundreds of people worldwide using a variety of methods and styles!

And I’ll warn you, between Cash’s delivery of this tune from his final album before he passed away and the visual dreamscape created by all these contributors, if it doesn’t give you goose bumps the size of Volkswagens, you’re already dead!


3 thoughts on “Johnny Cash: You Must See This Video!

  1. torqdog says:

    That’s a VERY cool vid Bill. I’ve watched it numerous times now and kinda got curious as to how and why so many frames were similar in context. In the process of discovery, I came across this you-tube vid that actually shows many of the faces behind the “frames”.

    What is interesting to note here is when watching the more recent version of the project that you posted and then watching this you-tube video from September, 2010, you can see how the video project has morphed and moved along.


    • Bill says:

      That’s great, Randy, I just watched this update. Did you know that contributing artists could only use the graphic tools that were made available through the project online?

      In other words, you couldn’t build a frame on your personal computer using Photoshop or Illustrator, then upload it. You had to use what Paint-type program they made available, so all this was done on the same guitar or drum kit, so to speak.

  2. esarsea says:

    Very cool indeed, thanks for posting. Johnny’s ‘Hurt’ video from that album is a classic, very haunting. I may just have to pick up that CD…

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