Turn It Up Tuesday!


April 9, 2013 by esarsea

There are no words I can write that would do this justice. Just turn it up. To 11.

2 thoughts on “Turn It Up Tuesday!

  1. torqdog says:

    I have this Bromont concert on DVD. It’s a professionally done video with a tolerable mix that shows Frank in his heyday doing the “Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush Live” tour. Most notable cuts are King Bee (04:10) and the legendary, hotter than anything version of Johnny B’Goode (29:56).

    Like Jeff Beck and Al DiMeola, Frank Marino was always a “must see” show for me. He was for sure my favorite guitarist back then and I saw him everytime he played the Bay Area, last time driving 275 miles to Santa Cruz in 2004. His incendiary, blues oriented psychadelic riffs always drove straight into my brain, taking it to another universe. A VERY strange, melodically intense universe indeed.

    Thanks for the vid Stu!

    Just a note; the video I posted seemed to stop for me here and there as it progresses along and I was able to get it going again by clicking on the progress bar tracking icon that will be all the way to the right. Some classic incendiary Frank jams are to be found in the “Who Do You Love” cover. The “bomb notes” in the tune “Electric Reflections of War” were copied by some (most notably Kirk Hemmet of Metallica) but NEVER duplicated. His haunting version of “Little Town in Bethlehem” is uniquely Frank. Man that guy could surely play and do killer versions of Hendrix riffs and jams too. Some were totally put off by that but personally, I loved it. Frank had his own style that many overlooked because of all the Hendrix wierdness. I had no problem with him taking a legend like Hendrix to another dimension and hearing it at full, concert level volume. I saw him do things on an SG that were simply jaw dropping unbelievable, insanely unhuman. The Red House clip you posted shows Frank in a more earthly state.

    If he ever comes to a city near you, go see him. You too may be amazed beyond belief.

    • esarsea says:

      Oh I’ve seen him. He took my senses apart – rearranged them – and gave them back. I was an involuntary mouth breather for the entire show, and was completely drained and emotionally spent when it was over.

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