Hunger Striking at Guantanamo Bay


April 17, 2013 by esarsea

Interesting piece in the Op-Ed section of the NY Times. I’m not sure how factual this is, but what sticks with me is recalling Obama’s 2008 campaign promise to close ‘Gitmo’ and reading somewhere, recently, that there may be plans for a $150 million expansion of this facility?

“I’ve been detained at Guantánamo for 11 years and three months. I have never been charged with any crime. I have never received a trial. I could have been home years ago — no one seriously thinks I am a threat — but still I am here. Years ago the military said I was a “guard” for Osama bin Laden, but this was nonsense, like something out of the American movies I used to watch. They don’t even seem to believe it anymore. But they don’t seem to care how long I sit here, either.”

Read the complete article here.

12 thoughts on “Hunger Striking at Guantanamo Bay

  1. David E. King ll says:

    If we knew half as much as we don’t……….it would blow our minds. And THEN… subject, THE SENATE. This government is disgusting.

  2. Bill says:

    “…but what sticks with me is recalling Obama’s 2008 campaign promise to close ‘Gitmo’ and reading somewhere, recently, that there may be plans for a $150 million expansion of this facility?”

    The thing that sticks in my mind is when Obama and Holder wanted to bring these guys stateside, keep them in our regular Max Security prisons, and process them through the criminal justice system as regular bad guys and get on with closing Gitmo, the hard right in Congress pissed their pants and claimed that bringing these radical Muslim terrorists onto the mainland would be a thoughtless endangerment of Americans, somehow, and kicked and screamed about it like 4 year olds.

    A prison authority stateside responded at the time,”I got a guy down the cell block who killed his mother and ate most of her before he was discovered…and these people are worried about these guys?”

    • esarsea says:

      Help me out witih a civics lesson Bill? Seriously, I really don’t have a clue. Does Obama need Congressional approval to close Gitmo? He can’t just shut it down by Executive Order or something?

      • Bill says:

        I want to reply, Stu, but I need to get at another little 1st World emergency detail from my household breaking up 2 weeks ago that just popped up, so I’ll have tv/internet/phone service beyond 4 or 5 o’clock this afternoon. Just found out, back at you in a day or so.

        • Bill says:

          Here’s a quick link to an excellent explanation of what’s happening, even though I don;t think much of CNN’s reporting, this piece is academic in its timeline and policy/budget discussion AND it answers your question straight-forwardly. About three paragraphs down:

          The responsibility lies not so much with the White House but with Congress, which has thwarted President Barack Obama’s plans to close the detention center, which the Bush administration opened on January 11, 2002 with 20 captives.

          Congress has used its spending oversight authority both to forbid the White House from financing trials of Guantánamo captives on U.S. soil and to block the acquisition of a state prison in Illinois to hold captives currently held in Cuba who would not be put on trial – a sort of Guantánamo North. The current defense bill now before Congress not only reinforces these restrictions but moves to mandate military detention for most future al Qaeda cases unless the president signs a waiver. The White House withdrew a veto threat on the eve of likely passage Wednesday, saying the latest language gives the executive enough wiggle room to avoid military custody…”

    • Torqdog says:

      IIRC, wasn’t there allota blow-back from the survivors and family members of the 9-11 victims? Especially when they wanted to try KSM in a New York court just blocks away from “ground zero”. I remember there were allotta people incensed at the idea as it was totally insensitive towards those who’d lost love ones.

      Frankly, I think the whole Gitmo thingy was just one of many bullets in the high capacity magazine in the left’s relentless assault and attacks targeting Bush. They said it was about the enhanced interogation crap, btw; crap I don’t have a problem with if it gets the bad guys like Bin-Laden. Once the election was over with a Democrat now in charge, memories quickly faded and Gitmo was no longer an issue for the left.

      I have a seperate question for you Bill. Back during the Iraqi conflict, the left just about blew a gasket regarding the Patriot act and specifically, the issue of wiretaps due to it’s obvious invasion of privacy. How then are y’all feein about all this talk of potential surveillance Drones flying over U.S. soil?

      • Bill says:

        I think it’s a sign of the changes in security we;re making to rise to the threat the world presents to us. London is apparently wired with a bazillion CCTV cameras 24/7 since the terrorist bus bombings. Security cameras bristled all over the Boston Marathon starting/finish line and helped with images.

        If you are intimating that drones are the new Black Helicopters that never seemed to actually appear anywhere, in this dimension anyway, then no, I’m not worried.

        • torqdog says:

          I’m not sure as to what capacity they’d be used, it just seems odd that;

          Wiretaps = not cool
          Drones flying over U.S. soil = acceptable

          Both present their own invasion of privacies as you are either beeing watched or listened to without your knowledge or consent.

          I understand that we are living in a different age and that if you’re just going about your business and doing nothing wrong, then none of this should matter. I just sometimes long for more innocent times long gone by. I guess that can still be had by moving to some far corner of the earth like the jungles of Borneo. LOL

          • Bill says:

            I agree 100%, that we’ve lost our innocence that way, Randy, and I miss it, too. Supposedly, the domestic drone program can be used more efficiently than satellite recon of flood plains, disaster areas, farming and its impacts, water resource management, population impacts, freeway design, etc.

            Which is not to say that the First Minnesota Warrior Calvary Militia, Unit #4-Squad 2 won’t earn a fly-over some dayout training in the woods if Homeland Security decides it was their leader, Delbert, who phoned in a bomb threat to the local abortion clinic.

  3. Amy Vazquez says:

    President Obama fulfilled one of his campaign promises when he signed an Executive Order directing the closure of the Guantanamo prison facility.

  4. Jane says:

    133rd day! medically unethical to force feed a competent person

    besides this just creates more terrorists IMHO

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