I Must Be Getting Old…


June 13, 2013 by esarsea

I was on Youtube the other day, and saw that someone had posted a “Comedy Central” roast of William Shatner. When I saw the listing it brought back fond memories of the old Dean Martin roasts I enjoyed so much, so I clicked on the link and watched it.

Here’s the roast:

Now I’m no prude, and have told more than a few off-color jokes in my time. I’ve also been known to use an explative or two now and then. But these Comedy Central roasts are over the top. In particular, I find Lisa Lampanelli exceptionally vulgar.

I checked a few more Comedy Central roasts and they all seemed to follow the same format. Gay jokes, racial jokes, graphic sexual jokes, Jewish jokes and the excessive use of f-bombs. Fast forward the roast above to the start of Greg Giraldo’s bit at 09:45 to get an idea. 

I guess I’m just not “Hip” anymore. This type of material actually makes me a little bit uncomfortable.

Here’s an excerpt from a classic Dean Martin roast (this one of Johnny Carson) featuring Rich Little, for comparison.

For my tastes, I find the later more entertaining.

4 thoughts on “I Must Be Getting Old…

  1. torqdog says:

    No comparison Stu. One act is totally classless and the other is a class act. William Shatner I think said it best at around the 1:14 mark when he said;

    ……..”what really hurts my feelings about tonight is that uh……..you people just weren’t funny”.

    I think it’s just another obvious example of the dumbing down of America. Have you actually had to watch any of the sitcoms of today? When our daughter comes home we find ourselves watching shows that would never see the light on my TV and both Viv and I just look at each other with a kind of dumbfounded expression. The humor is just so juvenile and pointless.

    Now, as far as whether you’re “just not hip anymore”………….nah. I personally wasn’t offended by the lame attempts at trying to be funny with all the Gay, racial, sexual, lewd, crass humor though I was kinda at a loss as to how all those folks in the audience weren’t taken aback by attacks on their sacred cows so to speak. I guess it’s kinda like Blacks calling each other Nigger and that’s a-ok. The only real problem I had with this video is I feel that I wasted 1:20 of my life waiting, hoping that something would be said that might make me LOL or even chuckle. That’s one hour and twenty minutes that I will never get back.

    Now if you want to see some classic comedy that really stands out as being funny, watch some of the you tube vids of Johnny Carson. Never will you hear any lewd, sexually crass comments and the comedy stands out as waaaaay better than what you see today. To compare, I tried watching a whole Jimmy Fallon show one night when I couldn’t sleep and I just sat there wondering to myself……..”so this is the guy who’s gonna take over the Tonight Show”. Man, have we gone downhill!

  2. esarsea says:

    Sorry about wasting that hour and 20 min! I’m with you about Carson. He was the best, and I still miss the Tonight Show.

  3. Bill says:

    Lisa Lampanelli. . .what a waste of a large amount of space.

    I find her to be the female Andrew Dice Clay and I thought he was a rotting pile of flesh, really, and about as funny.

    Shatner said it best, they aren’t funny, they’re mean and they think it what people find funny. And you would if you were drunk and 19 again. . .until you sobered up and realized they weren’t funny. I won’t watch these CC Roasts because of one reason: They aren’t funny.

    If you want your ears and sense of humor tickled to the extreme these days, you don’t have to look all the way back for the Rat Pack or Red Skelton or Steve Allen, et al.

    The funniest stand up guy out there who does it clean is Brian Regan. I’ve listened and laughed out loud at this guy for 20 years since I first heard him played on local radio, ran inside and called the station to find out who the hell this guy was! He was doing a bit about those huge, indoor super truck shows where they climb over old cars, fly through the air, etc, and it was hysterically funny with Regan doing all the voices. No matter what the reporter (Regan) asked the winning driver (Regan) about, the answer was always,”So, I punched it!”

    “I realized the differential was not responding to the input shaft on the final turn…so I punched it!”

    “Well, of course you did, of course you did.”

    “And back about halfway, I heard a grinding sound as I went over the junkyard car stack`. . .so I punched it!”

    Anyway, he’s a funny man and he’s plays clean. Quite a change from these Roasts, hey?

  4. Jane says:

    RIP Greg Giraldo

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