John B. Wells Leaves Coast To Coast AM, Establishes ‘Caravan To Midnight’


February 6, 2014 by esarsea

At one time I was a dedicated Art Bell listener on Coast to Coast AM, which was the highest rated overnight talk radio program in the country. Art Bell and his unique collection of guests covered alternative news stories, discussing such things as UFOs, Area 51, The Paranormal, Cryptozoology and the like.

Art Bell retired many years ago and was replaced by George Noory. I tried to remain a loyal listener of Coast to Coast, but over time it became painfully apparent that there was no replacing Art Bell. George Noory has been inept at best, appearing almost detached and/or uninformed on the topics his guests speak on – ofter interrupting and talking over his guests while offering little if anything to demonstrate an understanding of the subject matter.

One exception the past few years was a man by the name of John B. Wells, who was the regular Saturday night guest host for Coast to Coast. John was a welcome return to the subject matter, sense of humor, vocal tonality and pacing of Art Bell and the glory days of Coast to Coast. Lately however I’ve been disappointed to tune in on Saturday nights only to find John B. Wells was not on.

I did some checking online and discovered that Coast to Coast AM had “decided to go in a different direction” on Saturday nights. I had hoped in optimistic naivety that John B. would succeed George Noory as host of Coast to Coast in the near future, but such will not be the case. I suspect George may have felt threatened by John B’s rapidly expanding following – I have heard reports that John B’s audience on Saturday nights was equal to, and in some cases exceeding, Coast to Coast listeners from Monday through Friday combined.

I am happy to report however that John B. Wells is starting his own program, Caravan to Midnight. Here’s a video from his Facebook page:

I for one will be listening!

3 thoughts on “John B. Wells Leaves Coast To Coast AM, Establishes ‘Caravan To Midnight’

  1. Glenn DeSantis says:

    john took art and exspecialy georges look on American issues like illiagal alieans pride to not be intimidated to speek out on euoropean caucaision americanS whitch i noticed george/ART stoped all that all of a sudden and the horrible mess obama has gotten us in . they are eather/ were threatened or someone made them stop and stoped our equil rights of freedom of expression, not discrimination but the plain truth like they /art and george/ but john started where thy left off and i am multi racial back ground and i can totaly see that he was pushed out from defending all our rights, our freedoms of expressions and equil rghts for everyone even the white or caoucasion euopean backgrounds , everyone is proud to be hispanic, african background , aisian , middle eastern, American Indian, catholic , jew, buddist ,musslim but i can see john is beaing ousted becouse he has taken on the subjects and topics that art and george has abandoned ! john did not take a likeing to REVERSE DISCRIMINATION AND WAS BULLIED OUT FOR SPEAKING OUT FOR ALL AMERICANS ON A EQUIL LEVEL JOHNS A TRUE FELLOW AMERICAN AND THANKS FOR A GREAT RUN ON C-TO-C AND BEAING A REAL HUMAN WITH REAL ISSUES ON A DOWN TO EARTH LEVEL.

    Keep The Good Work Up And Dont Let Anyone Get You Down Only Up !

    Glenn 29 Palms ,Ca

  2. laura says:

    i miss you. you were such an asset to coast. i will fin where i can listen to you. wow their loss.

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