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Born and raised in Utah, the grandson of Greek immigrants and American Indians from New Mexico with a splash of white boy thrown in. Loner most of my teen years, stuck to myself building cars in the garage for about 4 years; graduated high school and got drafted into the Army at 19, then released back into the wild just after basic training. 

Came home, watched “Woodstock” in the theater, learned to play a little guitar, joined a couple of beer bar rock bands, drove a VW bug and experimented with everything in sight. Attended the University of Utah, dropped out to be part-owner in a club, returned to school and graduated in 1983 with a degree in journalism and media production.

Spent the next 20 years working in film and television production/post-production. Shifted to print and have been involved in magazine publishing and ad sales for the past 10 years. Extreme do-it-yourselfer, guitar player, gardener and blogger. Father to two really great sons aged 21 and 18 now. I have a book in me, but no idea how to get it out, yet, anyway. Perhaps the songwriting class I’m going to take this summer will help!

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April 2020

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