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  1. Gales/Czar/Tolliver Tour Off And Running


    October 5, 2013 by esarsea

    Eric Gales’ European tour is off an running at hectic pace, with nearly 30 shows in 30 days. The image …
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  2. Movie Review: Sound City

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    May 2, 2013 by esarsea

    Movie Review: Sound City.

  3. Johnny Cash: You Must See This Video!


    March 19, 2013 by billie789

    About a year ago, I attended a screening of an hour’s-worth of winning entrees for something called “The One Show.” …
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  4. It’s Not What You Think…


    October 26, 2012 by esarsea

    The image above (and to the left) are not photographs, but rather pencil-on-paper drawings by 23 year old self-taught Italian artist …
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  5. Beth Hart – Sister Heroine


    August 18, 2012 by esarsea

    I was surfing the internet, reading about Beth Hart and found the following review on written by a lady named Marsha. …
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  6. Mystery Science Theater 3000


    August 7, 2012 by esarsea

    One of my guilty pleasures from the 1990’s was the TV series, “Mystery Science Theater 3000.”  For those who never watched …
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  7. Turn It Up Tuesday!


    July 31, 2012 by esarsea

    This Tuesday we pay tribute to bassist Bob Babbitt, who passed away on July 16, 2012. Bob was a member …
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  8. ZED Recording Session, Day 1: Lights, Lagers and Snares, Oh My!

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    July 1, 2012 by esarsea

    Reprinted from ZED’s wesbite: As we approached the first day, ready to record the next ZED album, I think in …
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  9. Steve McCurry’s Blog

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    June 20, 2012 by esarsea

    Quite simply awesome…

  10. Eric Czar – Melody and Movements for Electric Bass DVD

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    May 24, 2012 by esarsea

                After decades of working in bands as a professional bassist in New York City, and touring all …
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  11. Hard Core: One on One with the Master and his Tools


    May 4, 2012 by billie789

    A little entertainment for Friday morning. I liken this to Michaelangelo talking about his chisels and hammers and paint brushes. …
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  12. “MARCH” Ambient bass music by Eric Czar


    April 13, 2012 by esarsea

    …a solo ambient piece improvised on the Adamovic Eric Czar Signature 7 bass guitar. Recorded live, straight into a computer from a pedal board …
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  13. Ladies and Gentleman, Mr. Michael Manring


    March 28, 2012 by esarsea

    Find a quiet space and close your eyes…absolutely beautiful. Can you imagine a Michael Manring and Eric Czar collaboration? I can… And …
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