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  1. Cabinet Refacing Nightmares

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    April 16, 2019 by esarsea

    See what $16,100.00 gets you from The Home Depot (clickable link available when you open post)

  2. Hello

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    May 24, 2017 by esarsea

    Does anyone still come here? Thinking about updating and revising.

  3. Wow…


    May 1, 2014 by esarsea

    I just cleaned out 182 spam comments. Most were caught by the spam filter, but there were a handful that …
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  4. John B. Wells Leaves Coast To Coast AM, Establishes ‘Caravan To Midnight’


    February 6, 2014 by esarsea

    At one time I was a dedicated Art Bell listener on Coast to Coast AM, which was the highest rated …
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  5. Cancer Questions and Perspectives


    January 6, 2014 by esarsea

    In the United States alone, more people die from cancer every year than there were U.S. military combat deaths in …
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  6. I Just Closed My LinkedIn Account


    October 25, 2013 by esarsea

    …and here’s why.    

  7. Worst Interviewer EVER!!!

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    September 10, 2013 by torqdog

    Let me first set the record here……..I’m no fan of Anthony Weiner. Scumbag is probably too nice a description. However, …
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  8. Up In Smoke!


    August 22, 2013 by torqdog

    Yesterday we had a Thunderstorm that produced some of the heaviest rain and large hail I’ve ever experienced. Hail was …
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  9. Jeff Beck and Les Paul together onstage! WOW!!!


    July 28, 2013 by torqdog

    Tonight I was watching a Jeff Beck bluray called Rock-n-Roll Party. It’s a tribute show honoring Les Paul and has …
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  10. RIP J.J. Cale


    July 27, 2013 by esarsea

    R.I.P. J.J. Cale, and thank you for the Tulsa Sound, as well as one of my all-time favorite albums, Troubadour. …
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  11. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Casualty Who Became A War Hero

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    July 5, 2013 by esarsea

    “…And that was only half of it. Jason Everman has the unique distinction of being the guy who was kicked …
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  12. Rescuing citizenship and civic virtue


    July 3, 2013 by esarsea

    “…But Thomas Jefferson said it well: “No government can continue good but under the control of the people; and … …
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  13. I Must Be Getting Old…


    June 13, 2013 by esarsea

    I was on Youtube the other day, and saw that someone had posted a “Comedy Central” roast of William Shatner. When I saw the …
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